Any Second ARC Review

Any Second by Kevin Emerson on sale November 20, 2018.


“Five years after being kidnapped, Elian’s captor sends him into the mall–with a bomb strapped to his chest.

Across the mall is Maya, a girl whose crippling anxiety holds her prisoner in its own way.

Whether it’s chance or fate, Maya keeps Eli from ending them all. And now nothing is the same. Drawn together by their dark pasts, Maya and Eli know it takes only seconds for their entire worlds to change. But time will tell if meeting each other will change them for better or worse.”


4 Stars

* I did receive this book in exchange of a review and all opinions are my own. *

First, I would like to thank Kevin for sending me an ARC of his book!

Going into this book, the only thing I knew was the synopsis on the back. I think this is one of those books where it’s best going into it with little information so you as the reader are able to get the full experience of these characters and their long journey. With that being said, I will try my hardest not to spoil anything for y’all.

In this book we follow the 2 main characters, Eli and Maya, through their journey of self-forgiveness (Eli) and trying to find a new normal in their lives after the almost bombing at the mall. The story begins with Eli in the mall with his kidnapper about to blow up the mall and Maya with her father somewhat close to where Eli was standing. The story then jumps to 10 months later picking up on their lives about a year after the incident.

This story is so great because we get to see the development of those character who are put through situations that no one their age should ever have to go through. A reason as to why this story is so powerful is because it could be happening right now somewhere in the country or in the world and we don’t even know it. Kevin did such a great job with the details of the story because each time I picked the book up, I was instantly back in the world of Eli and Maya. The way that he was able to find the balance of writing a story of such a sensitive topic and telling the story of these teenagers is amazing. This book could easily be a 2-part episode of Law & Order SVU because it is written that good.

I’ll be honest, I don’t read many suspense novels because it literally kills me (no pun intended) of having to read through the story to either wait for the author to tell me what was happening or to try and figure it out, but this story was to good to even think about not reading. Throughout the novel I was trying to figure out many things like who was Eli’s kidnapper, would Eli and Maya ever find self-acceptance and be able to live with what happened, would the kidnapper make a reappearance, and so many other things.

I can’t tell you if I was satisfied with the ending or not (not because I could not decide) because it might give away some things.

I was think about saying something on the lines of “those younger than — should read this book because of the main topic of the book” but honestly it isn’t much worse than what is already on T.V. or the content of many of the videogames that young people play. I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for a great suspense book that includes issues that are very real in this day and age.

Thanks again to Kevin for letting me read his amazing book!

Any Second comes out November 20, 2018, so you don’t have to wait to long before you are able to read it for yourself!

Happy reading until next time,

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