Bring Me Home eARC Review

Happy Book Birthday to Bree Howland. As of January 1, 2019, Bring Me Home can now be purchased on Amazon! Go check it out if you like romance, cute boys, and trips to cabins (nobody get murdered, it’s not that kind of story; refer back to reason #1).

Synopsis: “While Kailey was growing up, she was sure of two things:

1. She wanted to devote her life to helping animals.
2. She would never be without her best friend Cole Martin.

When her father had them pack up and move two provinces away two years before graduation, it felt like the rug was pulled out from under her.

Now she’s in college, finally pursuing her interest in veterinary medicine. Even better, Cole is at the same school. But Cole has changed and so has she. Gone was the innocence of childhood friendship and easy conversations.

Between new friends, unexpected feelings, and a road trip, Kailey’s first year in college will be more eye opening than she ever imagined.”


4.5 Stars

First, I would like to thank Bree for sending me an eARC to review, and I’m sorry for not getting this out earlier!

The reconnection between Kailey and Cole was so natural and smooth that it was almost as if the two had never lost touched after the move. They balance each other so perfectly, where Kailey is kind of reserved in big crowds, Cole is the voice that causes her to explore and go out.

Cole may look like a bad boy with his muscles, lip piercing and tattoos, but he really is a big teddy bear. There were times he goes to comfort Kailey after things had gone south like the date with Shawn (which was just a huge mistake to begin with).

Bring Me Home is the perfect story to curl up with on a cold winter day with a fuzzy blanket and cup of coffee. Besides exploring the whole reconnection with Kailey and Cole, it also explores growing up and self-discovery.


Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes

Could This be Love by The Wanted

Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

Fireproof by One Direction

Kid in Love by Shawn Mendes

Kiss You by One Direction

This story is so sweet, and face paced. With the adventures and love in the book, it is hard to put down. I highly recommend this book for those looking for a semi-lighthearted romance (because let’s be real, everyone loves a little drama).

Happy reading until next time,

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