Music Recommendations #1

For me music and books go hand-in-hand. I listen to music to not only block out the noise around me, but to help make the books come alive. Music helps enhance the reading experience, and it gives an extra dimension.When I listen to music and read, I have to listen to music that I have heard more than a few times because otherwise, I’ll pay more attention to the song that the words on the page. One of the best feelings when I read and listen to music is when I’m so focused on reading that I don’t even notice the music, and when I come back into focus and hear the music playing, the song matches the scene so perfectly.

Now that I got the whole why I listen to music and read out of the way, I want to talk about some of the music I listen too.

If I only list the name of an album or EP, then I generally listen the whole thing (I hope this doesn’t get too confusing later in the post). Also, singles listed are only the ones that are not on an album or EP

5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS is one of my absolute favorite bands. They are one of my auto-buy musicians. They currently have 3 albums (not including live albums) and a handful of EPs (short albums with about 6 songs).

  • Albums– 5 Seconds of Summer, Sounds Good Feels Good, LIVESOS (live), Youngblood, MeetYou There (live)
  • EPs– Somewhere New, She Looks So Perfect, Don’t Stop, She’s Kinda Hot, Good Girls, Amnesia, Unplugged
  • Singles– Killer Queen, Lie to Me Ft. Julia Michaels, Who Do You Love Ft. The Chainsmokers

Hunter Hayes

Let me go ahead and say that country music is not one of my favorite genres of music, but I love HH and his music.

  • Albums– Hunter Hayes (Wanted, Storm Warning, Love Makes Me, Faith to Fall Back On, Somebody’s Heartbreak, More Than I Should, I Want Crazy, Light Me Up), Storyline. The 21 Project (studio, live, & acoustic)
  • EPs– Hunter Hayes Live
  • Singles– Invisible, Someday Girl, Yesterday’s Song, Amen, You Should be Loved, Rescued,More, This Girl, One Shot, Dear God, Heartbreak

The Vamps

  • Albums

Night & Day (Night Edition), Night& Day (Day Edition), Night & Day (Extra Tracts) (Sometimes it Rains in L.A.), Wake Up (Wake Up, Stolen Moments, Boy Without a Car, Worry), Meet the Vamps (Can We Dance, Last Night, Oh Cecilia ft. Shawn Mendes, Risk it All)

  • EPs– Live EP, Somebody to You
  • Singles– Personal, All Night

One Direction

Yes, I am still a Directioner

  • Albums – Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Made in the A. M., Four

Okay, this is the point where it’ll start to get a little less organized because either the artist(s) are new and don’t have a ton of music out or I only listen to a handful of songs.

The Hara

  • EP– No Regrets
  • Single– Be Somebody

The Hyde

  • Singles– Half Past 9, Nerves


  • EP– Ocean Devotion
  • Single– Move for Me

Blink 182

  • Songs– All the Small Things, I Miss You

Green Day

  • Songs– Still Breathing, Wake Me Up When September Ends, When I Come Around

I think this is a good place to stop because i could go on all day about the music I listen too. Like there’s Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, All Time Low… see I could keep going

Do you listen to music while you read? If so, what kind? And (last question) is this something I should keep doing, the music recommendation type thing? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading until next time,

16 thoughts on “Music Recommendations #1

  1. What great list of music! My sister was in One Direction, I just followed along (we are 9 years apart). You should keep doing this and I would recommend Panic at the Disco!.

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  2. I listen to Mree when I read 😊 she’s an indie sort of artist and her songs are so calming. It’s perfect for reading because it’s not trying to grab my attention away 😁

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