Out of My Comfort Zone Tag

My first tag! Thank you, Daria from Bookaholic’s Therapy, for tagging me! h

Okay so this is the ‘Out of My Comfort Zone’ tag. The rules are pretty simple:

  • You can’t use any of the books from your favorite genre to answer the following question

So, I you had asked me four or five years ago what my favorite genre was, I would have probably responded with dystopian/fantasy. Now, I would say that it’s contemporary because most of these books are light and I don’t have to mentally put together these intricate worlds (although I still read a lot of fantasy, just not as much as contemporary).

  • A book that is an exception when it comes to genres or elements you don’t typically read.

This would have to be The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It was out of my element because up to that point in my reading, I had never read a book about aliens and wasn’t sure how the whole alien thing would play out. I picked this series up because my local Books a Million had the reprinted book that contained the first two books (how could you resist two books for like $5?). I fell in love with Daemon and Katy’s relationship and the drama that they went through. I would have read all five books in one week, but I waited because I thought I would be able to find the other books in BAM. Sadly, I had to order them online. I would easily give this series 4.5 stars!

  • A book you enjoyed from a genre you previously held some stigma against.

I would like to think of myself as open-minded when it comes to different genres, but historical books just aren’t my go-to. However, Wait for Me by Caroline Leech changed that up for me. This book takes place during WWII in Scotland and Lorna’s (the main character) father takes in a German POW. This book is so good and has caused to start reading more historical fiction.

  • A book you didn’t know it was out of your comfort zone until you started reading it.

I HAVE NO IDEA. I have been staring at this question and the books on my bookshelves for a good five minutes and haven’t come up with anything!

  • Pick a friend who motivates you to pick up books you might not normally be interested in – is there a book they convinced you to give it a try?

I’m that friend that the question is referring to, so I going to broaden it to booktubers, bookstagrammers, twitter, and bloggers. I’ve read The Cruel Prince by Holly Black about a year ago and didn’t really care for it as much as other people do, but I bought the OwlCrate Wicked King box because of all of the hype surrounding it, so thank you to all of the bloggers and bookstagrammers for heavily influencing my brain to buy a copy of this book. 

  • A book the is out of your comfort zone, but you would like to read.

I would love to read A Darker Shade of Magic and Vicious by V. E. Schwab. I know that both of these books are considered “adult”, but I have heard that they are great transition books for people in Y. A. to read to work their way into Adult Fantasy. Also, I have a copy of both of these books, so it would be great to work on my TBR.

  • A book or genre so outside of your comfort zone that you’ll probably never give a chance.

I would have to say adult romance books, like have you ever seen those books with half naked people draped over each other? Like how realistic is that? I’ll tell you – slim to none. If you read those books, I’m not judging you, but I don’t think they are for me. I honestly think my retinas would start burning from all of the dirty stuff that most people can’t even attempt.


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10 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone Tag

  1. Thank you for tagging me! This is such a cool tag! I’m going to have a hard time coming up with books for it, I can just feel it… but that’s probably a good thing, because it’ll jog my memory about titles I haven’t read in a while, haha!

    I’m so glad to find someone else who loved the Lux series. It’s a nice mix of sci-fi and contemporary, in my opinion, and I’m absolute TRASH for Katy and Daemon’s relationship! It’s all of my favorite tropes at once — enemies to lovers, slow burn, etc! They’re so cute together and I’m really happy with how their relationship developed over the course of the series. I almost wish there were more books 😀

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