50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things that Make Me Happy! 
Thank you Xandra for tagging me! 
Let’s see if I can come up with 50 things that make me happy without boring y’all

1. My family – I’m super close with my immediate family and wouldn’t know what to do without them! They are such a huge part of my support system for school and have helped shape me into the person I am now. 

That’s Chloe laying next to while I was working on this post!

2. My dogs – I have 2 pets and they both are supposed to be the whole family’s but naturally the dogs seem to gravitate towards one person more than others. One of my dogs, Chloe, is literally my little shadow. I honestly can’t go anywhere in the house without her! But I wouldn’t have it any other way because she’s one of my best friends and brings me so much joy each day.

3. Music – If I couldn’t listen to 5SOS, The Vamps, and Hunter Hayes every day, I might go crazy! They are just a few of the artists that I listen to on a daily basis and never get tired of.

4. Candles – I think I may have a slight candle problem! I love candles so much. They are an easy way to make my room smell good and they look great in photos.

5. Mail- I think I like getting mail because it’s starting to become a thing of the past. I love the suspense of tearing into an envelope to get to the contents.

6. Driving with the windows down – this is one of the best feelings ever, riding around with the windows down, music blaring from the speakers, and feeling the warm sun on my skin. Nothing better.

7. Cutting the grass – before you go and say I’m crazy, I use a riding lawn mower, so technically I’m just riding around but again I love being in the sun.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

8. Stationery – I absolutely love looking at all of the different color pens/pencils/markers all lined up based on color.

9. Gardening – Again, the warm weather. But I love to get new flowers to plant and find the perfect place to put them. Arranging plants in a way where they get the right amount of sun and water and where they will compliment other flowers helps take my mind off of things like school and just the hustle and bustle of life.

10. Planting things from seeds – honestly, it is such an amazing thing to watch. I have been blessed with a rather green thumb, but it takes my breath away each time that I am able to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables from a little seed.

11. Going into a bookstore – imagine it, just going into a store where you could spend all day looking at books, and a lot of bookstores carry other things like bookmarks and other bookish items that I want!

12. Getting a book box – this goes back to getting mail, but this is one of those monthly joys. The knowing that you’re going to get a book and other goodies *ahhhh*, it makes me feel so good.

13. Painting – note that I can’t really paint because most of my stuff is just abstract, but there is something so calming about blending colors and knowing that some mistakes are good.

14. Being able to read ALL day – lately I’ve been so busy with school work, I haven’t had a day where I could do nothing but read.

15. Coffee – I love a good cup of coffee, and when it has just the right about of sugar and creamer * day has been made*.

16. Shoes – cliché answer, but with me being 5 ft tall a pair of wedges make me almost normal height.

17. Clean sheets – one of the best feelings is laying between clean sheets a night and having a perfectly fluffed blanket.

18. Rainy days – some of the best reading weather, unless it’s summer, then I should be outside reading and getting my tan on *hahaha*.

19. Getting the feels from a book (even the sad feels) – as a reader I look for these moments where a book makes me laugh, cry, empathize, and just make me feel more. I want those feelings that have me holding my breathe in anticipation and even those feelings during sad moments where it feels like someone is squeezing my heart.

20. Getting notifications – I love knowing that someone in a different location has similar interests and wants to talk about them with me!

21. Taking a perfect photo on the first try – I can spend up to 5 minutes trying to the subject of my photo just right and then take 20 different photos of different angles and lightings, so when I get the perfect one on the first trying *cue happy dance*.

22. Volunteering – during the summers when I was in high school, I used to volunteer at the local hospital, and it was so rewarding. Not only did I get to watch different things, but just being able to help the people that work there, and the patients was one of the best feeling.

23. Food – it doesn’t help that I can cook because then I have no excuse for not having something!

24. Buying stuff on sale – yep, I love a good deal! If I save money, then that means I can buy more books!

25. My bookshelves – all of the books that I’ve read (even the ones I didn’t like) has given me an opportunity to experience a different life and travel to places I probably will never get to travel to.

26.Freshly painted nails – even though this can be a huge hassle, painted fingers nails are a good confidence booster for those low days.

27. Curled hair – I don’t curl my hair a lot, but when I do, I always feel better.

28. Thursdays – this is my Friday because I don’t have class on Friday, so my weekend starts early.

29. Seeing my crush – something about running into him somewhere always makes me so giddy even though I never talk to him!

30. Being able to sleep in – during the week I wake up at 6 A.M., so if I can make it to 8:30-9:00 I’m doing good!

31. Hearing 5SOS on the radio – its nice to know that other people are listening to them.

32. Warm feet – since I’m only 5 ft tall you would think that my feet are always warm considering how my blood doesn’t have to travel that far, but nope they are literal ice blocks most of the year

33. Brad Simpson – I mean how could he not make you happy, look at his face! And his voice, ahhhh I can’t even right now!

34. Contagious laughter – I mean once someone really start laughing, I’m going to start just because they are. There was this one guy from high school and I’m telling you I would start as soon as I heard him!

35. Old TV shows – I’m talking about shows like Good Luck Charlies, ICarly, Wizards, Hannah Montana, things like that.

36. Going on trips – I love travelling and experiencing different lifestyles

37. Bath bombs – need I say more?

38. Finishing an assignment – the burden has been lifted.

39. Bookmarks – because let’s be honest, abusing a book by dog earing it is not the way to my heart; also, because they are really pretty and look great on my bookshelves.

40. Chocolate – wouldn’t a slice of chocolate cake be good right now? Or a Kit-Kat? Mmmmm.

41. Going into a craft store – looking at all of the paper, stickers, yarn, flowers, ribbon; it’s making me feel good just think about it.

42. Puppies – I haven’t had a puppy in years, but it something about that little budle of energy that makes my heart warm.

43. Having awesome book friends – when I first started my social media accounts last year, it was just a way to stay connect with news about celebrities and authors, but I’m so glad that I’ve been about to talk to other people about books and music.

44. New music – that first listen of a new song by an artist I really love is the best because I’m trying to take it all in at once.

45. Finding new books that I wouldn’t normally read.

46. Reading those fluffy books that you can’t help but wish it was you.

47. Completely a super hard level on a video game.

48. Finishing a blog post.

49. Having the right amount of change to get something out of the vending machine after class.

50. Vacations

I’m tagging whoever wants to take on this challenge! Tag me in your post so I read it!

What are some things that make you happy? Let me know below.

Happy reading until next time,

20 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Thanks for doing the tag, and I loved your answers! 😊 I’m super close with my family too, and I spend a lot of time with them because we just love doing things together! I also love my dog, she’s the cutest, and she’s really funny. But I can’t believe I forgot to mention volunteering on my list – I used to volunteer a lot in high school, and I enjoyed it so much 🙂

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