To Spin-off or Not to Spin-off

As a reader, whenever an author releases news of a spin-off from a series that has ended years before, I’m always excited to jump back into the world and catch up with old characters. But what happens when the spin-off isn’t like you though? Do you continue to read the spin-off or DNF the rest of the upcoming series? Well I’m here to talk about some of the spin-offs I’ve read!

Side note on how I consider a book to be a spin-off, companion novel, or continuation:

Spin-off – when the book takes place in the same world (kind of a duh, but ya never know), there is a different MC (normally from the original series), and its able to be read without having to have prior knowledge of the original series. Think of it as following a new person in the same word.

Companion novels – these are similar to spin-offs, but I consider these to be geared more towards contemporary novels. These books take place in the same (possibly fictional) world and each story follows a “new” character (note that the new character can be completely new or shown in a past book). With companion novels, there are often Easter eggs through out the books that could be appearances from characters of past novels, subtle references to some past events, or something as simple as hanging out at the same place as other characters.

Continuations – they are the books that people I think are the happiest to see because they pick off where the original series ended

(P.s. I’ll make a post similar to this one for companion novels and continuations)

The Lux Series – The Darkest Stars may be one of my favorite spinoffs. With the Lux Series, I was use to sarcasm, drama, and romance and TDS didn’t disappoint in those areas. TDS came out about four years after the end of the original series, and I know from reading the original series that the series ended rather nicely, but there where enough loose ends open where more books were able to be written in this world. 

When I was reading TDS, it was honestly like seeing a friend after many years of not having the opportunity to speak to them. It was so much fun to see these characters that I thought were done telling their story. Lucky there a two (I think) more books that follow Luc and Evie from TDS! (Review of TDS here)

Oblivion is kind of a spin-off told from Daemon’s POV from the original series. The ebook has books 1-3, while the print version only has book 1. I always find it interesting when an author goes back and rewrites a story from a different characters POV because we are now able to get into the new characters mind and there are times when the characters aren’t always together, so there are now these “extra” scenes that could explain the disappearance of that particular character.

The Selection Series – with this spinoff, I know that there are people on both sides of loving and hating this story. Sometimes I don’t think people realize that each character has his or her own “voice” and if you write a new character with an old character’s voice then you aren’t really creating new character, just an updated version of the old one. 
I think that was one of the reasons that people had a problem with the spinoff series. Eden has such a different way of thinking than America. Sure, they were both stubborn, but Eden grew up in a completely different environment than America did. 
I liked the spinoff, but it’s not high on the list of rereads simply because my heart will always be with America and Maxon. 

The Mara Dyer Series – I enjoyed reading the Mara Dyer Series but I found it rather difficult to read because it seemed to drag. However, whenever I caught wind that Noah was getting his own series I was so excited because I love him. But reading the first book of his story was different. Going from a female narrator to male took some adjusting to because I was used to Mara telling the story. Also seeing Mara from a different POV made me really rethink how I felt about her. Mara from the original series and the Mara from the Shaw Confessions feel like two completely different characters that I can’t seem to wrap my head around. 

Twilight – this isn’t a “spin-off” but more of a reimagine. The reimagine story was released with the 10th anniversary of Twilight. I enjoyed reading the Twilight series back in the day during middle school, but at this point in my life I think I’ll stick with the movies (but if another story was to ever come out, I’d probably read it). However, a couple of years ago when the new story came out I was all over it because come on it’s Twilight. I think that I may like the reimagined version of Twilight better than the original. Basically, Meyers wrote about Bella being turned into a vampire at the end of the first book and all of the genders of the characters (except for Charlie) were switched. I thought it was cool to see the guy finding out about these mythical things instead of the girl. 

What are some of your favorite spin-offs? Did you like some of those spin-offs better than the original series??? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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