The Violet Theory Review

The Violet Theory by Elodie Iver

*I received a copy of this book to review*

I want to thank Elodie for graciously sending me a copy of her wonderful book for me to review!

Synopsis: “Secrets lurk in the shadows of a kingdom where the Queen has never shown her face. Raiona once had a democracy, but after an uprising forced the president out of power, a monarchy was formed. The kingdom is home to legends and corruption, and 17-year-old Mavis Caverly finds herself in the midst of a conspiracy. An odd purple question mark tattooed on her wrist has served as proof that she is different. She has spent her whole life looking for answers about the origin and meaning of the mark, and when a mysterious stranger arrives in her city, the truth seems to be on the horizon. Mavis embarks on a journey across the kingdom uncovering the dark history of Raiona, and the crimes that the unseen Queen has committed. Along the way she realizes just how different she is, how important she truly is to the future of her kingdom, and that the Queen will do whatever it takes to find her.”


4.25 Stars

I’ll be honest, I’ve been in a fantasy reading slump over the past month or so, but The Violet Theory is such a great way to slip back into this genre. The Violet Theory is such a great book! There is so much adventure and self-discovery that I legit can’t handle it.

Mavis reminds me so much of another character that I love because Mavis has been stuck in her small town of Sanctom. Her life literally changes when she runs away with an ex-captain, Beck, to try and figure out why she has this purple question mark on her wrist. Throughout her journey with Beck they both realize how important Mavis might be in changing the kingdom and how the people think.

“I shift my weight, pondering this. Could it be possible? Could I escape this city and never look back? For a moment I’m not Mavis. I am not the girl with the question mark. I am a rebel, a runaway, a girl so in love with life she’ll become a renegade to be fully with it.”

Because Mavis has never left her town, EVERYTHING is so new to her. She gets to experience so many things and live when before she was confined to do everything her parents tell her to do. Even though Mavis hasn’t experienced a lot life has to offer, she is very well-rounded. She is strong-willed, determined, loyal, and let’s be honest, she has a rather large heart because once she found out about her being the key to help these people, she doesn’t back down.

“For I am a rose, and if anyone picks on me they should be aware that my thorns are made of poison and my petals are made of blood.”

I enjoyed that Mavis never really understands the full depth of her powers in this book. There are times when her powers peak out and help her in some way, but they are never truly explained. I feel like in fantasy books the MC finds out that he or she has these abilities and literally a hundred pages in, the person either has already mastered them or has a really good handle on them. It is so wonderful to see that characters have these struggles of figuring out who they are and what they are capable of over the course of a book or more and not have it blurred over like so many other books.

Is it crazy that I liked Beck after two chapters into the story? I mean he’s sarcastic, charming, and very determined. Honestly with each chapter, I either found another reason to like him or one of the reasons solidified a little more. The only thing I cannot get over it that Beck and Mavis NEVER KISSED EACH OTHER. I mean there was a small kiss during a very stressful moment, but THEY DIDN’T KISS! Sorry had to get that out because I’m all about romance (just not the grocery books with the half-naked people on the cover *gross*). But I kind of see why there wasn’t a kiss because things would have gotten really complicated really fast because well… you just have to read the book!

“He is warm and solid and real, and even after everything; every doubt, every false story, every fear – I would follow him anywhere”

I’ll be honest, this book made me cry several times. The first was when a certain guy *cough, cough* was on the brink of death and he called Mavis “Darling”, and I legit lost it (and every other time he said it after this scene). I had a flash back to The One where Maxon had been shot, and it brought back way too many memories *excuse me while I find a tissue or five*. BTW by this point I was shipping Beck and Mavis, so if he had died, I would have DNF this book. Just kidding, I was already to committed and had to finish it to see if Mavis finds the books and is able to keep her promises. The other time I cried was when Mavis has a dream of Beck and his crew along with Kit (her best friend from Sanctom that went to work for the Queen). At this point Mavis has been separated from the crew (for reasons I can’t tell you) and she dreams of them and again I lost it *needs more tissues*. I feel like anytime an author lets the MC dream of close friends while in a dark time is just asking me to start crying, IDK why but these scenes always get to me.

I highly recommend this book because it does not confine to the regular fantasy rules! There is so much adventure that there is never a dull moment because Mavis and Beck are constantly facing new challenges. Also, there is a slow burning romance (at least I’m hoping that it is and I’m not imagining something that’s not there) and nothing gets hot and heavy, so if you are looking for a book that focuses on an actual story line without characters ducking into alleys to get down and dirty every five seconds… well this is the book for you!!!

What will book two entail? I have no idea but hopefully a certain pair of characters will finally kiss *wink, wink nudge, nudge*. But seriously I have no idea because they are so many twists and turns in the first book that anything is possible.


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  • Gives You Hell by All American Rejects
  • When It All Goes Wrong by The Hara
  • Legend by The Score
  • Still Breathing by Green Day
  • Faith to Fall Back On by Hunter Hayes
  • Where It All Begins by Hunter Hayes
  • Tomorrow Never Dies by 5 Seconds of Summer

Happy reading until next time,

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