March Fae Crate Unboxing

March theme for Fae Crate is Fandom Fantasies

Top: Spoiler Card
Middle Left: Snow Globe inspired by Strange the Dream
Bottom Left: Stalking Jack the Ripper T-Shirt
Right: Necklace
Top: Signed Bookplate, Monthly Polaroid (Inspired by ACOTAR and says: Males are horrible creatures, aren’t they?)
Middle: Outlander Magnet, Caraval Sticker (It says: Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brace enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.)
Bottom: Record Coaster, Iron On Patch (It says: You can only win by paying a steep price)
Book of the Month: Vortex Visions by Elise Kova
Top: Reversible Dust Jacket (same image as the spoiler card)
Bottom Left: Vortex Visions
Bottom Right: Book without Jacket with Embossing!

Synopsis: A desperate princess, a magical traveler, and a watch that binds them together with the fate of a dying world.

Vi Solaris is the heir to an Empire she’s barely seen. Her parents sacrificed a life with her to quell a rebellion and secure peace with a political alliance. Now, three years past when her wardship should’ve ended, Vi will do anything to be reunited with her family.

The Empire is faltering beneath the burden of political infighting and a deadly plague. Yet, Vi can’t help but wonder if her inability to control her magic is the true reason her parents haven’t brought her home. Suspicion becomes reality when she unleashes powers she’s not supposed to have. 

Powers that might well cost her the throne.

As Vi fights to get her magic under control, a mysterious stranger appears from across the world. He holds the keys to unlocking her full potential, but the knowledge has an unspeakable price — some truths, once seen, cannot be ignored.

All eyes are on her and Vi must make the hardest choice of her life: Play by the rules and claim her throne. Or, break them and save the world.”

Full Unboxing

OMG! This month has some many cool items like the snow globe and coasters!

Did you know that I’m doing a Q&A post for my blogiversary? If you have a question for me click here!

Happy reading until next time,

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