A Half Made Whole Review

A Half Made Whole by K. Leah

Available May 9, 2019

*I received an eARC to review*


I’ve loved, and I’ve lost. For too long, I’ve held back from relationships, building walls around my heart tall and wide. My daughter is all I have left, and after years of struggling with overwhelming grief, I’ve decided it’s time to live. New town, new home, new job.

Then in walks Brexen. Tall, handsome, and as wounded on the inside as much as he is on the outside. Maybe more.

I was living my dream until a freak accident on the job left me half the man I used to be. Finally over feeling helpless, I’ve decided it’s time to live. New town, new home, new therapist…who comes with a little girl that refuses to let me keep my walls up. But facing my fears of inadequacy means letting go and letting them in.

Torn between their pasts and their futures, can Leighton and Brexen finally break down their walls for good and realize that together they can be whole again?”


5 Stars

Going into any type of “adult” novel makes me nervous because almost anything could happen. I’ve read a handful of contemporary novels like Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book. However, A Half Made Whole exceeded any expectations I had because this is genuinely a heartwarming story about second chances in life, dealing with grief, and accepting the past. 

Both Leighton and Brexen have been through so much during their life. Enough to make most people break and make then bitter. But over time, they learn to accept the past and use it to make them stronger because let’s face it, without the past they would have never met each other. 

At the age of 26, Leighton has been through a lot with her parents dying when she was a young adult to having a child at 22 to becoming a widow shortly after. Yet, through all of that she is able to come out on the other side and become a strong independent woman taking care of her child, getting a job as an occupational therapist, and moving to a new city where anything can happen. 

Brexen used to be the star sports player turned fireman until an accident one day at one of the called locations leaves him disabled and makes him walk away from one of the things that makes him happy. After the accident, surgeries, and multiple visits to physical therapy, nothing seems to be helping him gain any type of along term advancement in his health. Brexen soon becomes a shell of his former self until he gets a wake-up call (aka his sister) to leave everything behind in his small town in Tennessee to live with his sister where he can get a fresh start.

This is such a cute, fast paced story that will leave your with those warm feelings. Almost finished this story in one sitting because it’s that good!

The character development is wonderful because we get to read from both Brexen and Leighton’s POV. Because both of these characters have been through some difficult things in their lives, it gives the story more depth even though they are only in their mid-20s. We get to feel the emotions and struggles the Brexen faces throughout his journey of recover all while he slowly falls in love with Leighton. As well the journey of Leighton with moving to a new town to make a better life for daughter as a single parent.

As a young adult, it’s great to see Leighton put her daughter at the top of her priorities because I feel like older adults write off this new generation of parents as being reckless when it comes to dating. Not only does Leighton take caution to dating around her daughter, but Brexen also takes this into account when he starts to consider the thought of a relationship with Leighton.

Both of them have to slowly open their hearts and accept that they need the other. Although they have some kind of spark in the beginning, it isn’t instalove, so there is a good natural development of their relationship where they get to know one another and let the emotions evolve naturally.

This is a clean story with no cussing or sex (although there are a few kisses!), but don’t let that discourage you from reading this story because it’s a wonderful story about overcoming some difficult situations that follows the highs and lows of life.


  • Changed by Rascal Flats
  • You Should be Loved by Hunter Hayes
  • Two Ghosts by Harry Styles
  • In My Blood by Shawn Mendes
  • Could This be Love by The Wanted
  • Risk It All by The Vamps
  • Imagination by Shawn Mendes

Happy reading until next time,

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