Leaves of Fall eARC Review + Giveaway

Leaves of Fall by Patricia Lynne

Available May 21, 2019

*I received an early advance copy to review*


“Armory was born into a world torn apart by war between man and nature. Trees are the enemy. But when she’s kidnapped by nomads and taken far from her home, a tree nymph is the one who comes to her rescue.

Birch promises he can get Armory home. He says not all trees wanted a war. Armory has no choice to trust him if she wants to see her family again.

Together, they trek across the ruins of America, meeting both human and trees who want nothing more than the fighting to stop. But the hatred between the two may be too deep to heal. Armory isn’t sure her friendship with Birch will be enough to convince the human race to take a chance on peace. Birch has a plan, though. He’s just not sure he’ll survive.”


4.5 Stars

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve read a dystopian book, and after reading this book I now realize how much I miss this genre!

Leaves of Fall takes place in the future in America where humans are still at odds with nature such trees, flowers, bushes, etc. (except for grass because apparently grass has no input either way because it’ll always be around). There is no electricity, running water, or anything that we are accustomed too. People have to scavenge for necessities in what’s left of abandoned homes and stores. Then there’s the issue of growing fruits and vegetables because once the plants reach a certain maturity, they start fighting back and refusing to produce (and give up any food).

When I read the first few pages, several others stories came to mind: The Birds and Bird Box. Remember that story turn movie The Birds where all of the birds turned against the humans for no reason? Well think of the plants and trees as the birds, except they have a reason because they are tired of the way humans are treating them. Then I thought of Bird Box because the humans are constantly on edge and never able to settle down in fear of the trees coming to attack. People are often pitted against each other in desperate times when food and other supplies get low, always making people worry when the next attack will happen.

Going into this story, I wasn’t sure what way things would go. Sure, I read the synopsis and had a vague idea as to what could happen, but we all know that authors love to throw curve balls and have their readers hanging on the edge of their seats .

Over the journey of taking Armory back to her family and community, Armory and Birch forge a long lasting friendship that instills hope to those looking for peace. Like many situations, things could be mended or worked on by communication, but neither of the sides are willing to do that because they are either to stubborn or afraid. Yet this relationship between Armory, Birch, and a couple of his tree friends show that there are people on both sides ready to change the world into a place of cohabitation.

This is a fast-paced story with semi-cross country journey to get Armory back to her people. It also shows the devastating effects of a worldwide war against something other than humans. This is a great story about hope, acceptance, and building a better future.

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You can win a bookmark made by Patricia herself! Look at how gorgeous they are! Yes, it’s an international giveaway!!!

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