Match Me If You Can Review

Match Me if You Can by Tiana Smith

Synopsis: “Mia’s best friend Robyn is known for her matchmaking skills, which is perfect, because homecoming is just around the corner. But Robyn refuses to set Mia up with the guy of her dreams, which forces Mia to take matters into her own hands. She uses Robyn’s matchmaking service to make sure popular Vince Demetrius falls for her.

Vince asks her out, but Mia doesn’t count on Logan, the persistent school newspaper photographer who seems to like her out of the blue. Now she has to choose between Vince – the guy she knows is right for her – and Logan, who insists that she give him a chance. And she needs to make sure Robyn doesn’t find out that Mia’s been matchmaking behind her back.

Mia has two weeks before homecoming. Can she fix the mess she made, or will she have to kiss her perfect match goodbye forever?”


4.5 Stars

P. S. I’m not sorry that this review is primarily me talking about Logan (even the playlist is mainly about Logan).

Are you looking for a fun contemporary book that has:

  • Food fights
  • Kisses at the top of a Ferris Wheel
  • Love squares (I like him, he likes her, she likes him, and he like me)
  • A swoon worthy boy with a dimple, boy bandish hair, and is a relentless flirt

Well look no farther because Match Me if You Can is the book for you!

Let me just go ahead and say before I get to deep in this review that if you know of a guy that is like Logan let me know because I could really use someone like him in my life. Logan is the type of guy that everyone wants to be friends with. He has such a fun and adventurous personality that you can’t help but sucked in, and if he had gone to my school, he would have been the person in all of the social groups.

Match Me if You Can is such a fun, quick paced story about Mia trying to clean up the mess she made when she sent an email for her friend’s matchmaking account to her crush all while trying to deal with her budding feelings towards another boy (*heart eyes* Logan).

This book made me kind of glad that my high school didn’t have someone like Robyn with a matchmaking service like this I’m pretty sure I WOULD HAVE DIED. I mean, I would be like Mia pinning after the star football (or in my case baseball) player and being told that mister right is someone I never even thought about in any other way than being a pest.

Personally, I would have chosen Logan from the beginning. When he says stuff like this

“Let me guess,” Logan said. “You got detention for”- he pursed his lips as if he were deep in thought- “dog-earing a page in a library book.”

How could you not feel some attraction right away when it’s like he can see right through you? Logan is just the right amount of outgoing, charismatic, and unpredictable that he really is perfect. I hate to say it, but Vince really isn’t the best person for Mia because he doesn’t push her out of her comfort zone like Logan.

I appreciate that Mia was willing to put aside her feelings to try to do damage control after she sent the email because Robyn’s reputation as being a great matchmaker was on the line if Mia’s relationship with Vince went south. Mia went on with “dating” Vince even though she quickly figured out that a) she didn’t have feelings for him, b) she liked Logan (although she didn’t want to admit it for the longest even though she was jealous of Logan asking Elena to homecoming) and c) well I think a & b about covers it, but at a certain point I would have thought Mia would end her relationship with Vince sooner because it wasn’t going anywhere.

On top the boy drama, there is also drama between Mia and her other friend, Elena.

THEN, there Mia trying to score an internship by getting the most views for her articles in the school’s paper… If you pick up this book (which I’m hoping you will), I promise you’ll want to shake some sense into Mia because sometimes she can’t see what’s in front of her *cough, cough* Logan, but it all works out for the best.

Overall, Match Me If You Can is a fun, sweet, flirty book that is perfect for any time of the year. With Mia and Logan’s crazy relationship to typical high school drama, it’ll have even the people who hated high school wishing they could experience some of this!

“The dressing-room door clicked open, and Logan emerged.


“Which one of these should I wear?” he asked, holding out two shirts. I wasn’t focusing on that, though, because hello, Logan was shirtless.

Did he know what his abs did to girls? I tore my gaze from the muscles in question and look at the shirts. One was blue, the other was green.

“Ummm,” I said. Super coherent. That was me.

Thought you might’ve wanted a little more Logan *hahaha*


  • Story of Another Us by 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Same to You by The Vamps
  • Girls Talk Boys by 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Why Don’t We by Austin Mahone
  • Baby by Justin Bieber
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

Song Explanation: Click Here (I’m trying this instead of putting the explanation and lyrics in the review post because that part can get kind of long).

Happy reading until next time,

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