Fae Crate Unboxing May 2019

Funny story, I think my box arrived yesterday because I didn’t check my check my mail because it was Memorial day (and the mail normal mail isn’t delivered). So, my box has been sitting in the heat until it was discovered this morning. Luckily there was no meltable items this month!

Top Left: Spoiler Card – Theme: Fate’s Design
Top Middle: Furyborn Enamel Necklace
Top Right: Shoppe of Fortunes Banner
Left: Back of the Monthly Coin – Says: I am not most girls
Middle Right: Front of the Coin
Bottom Right: Monthly Polaroid inspired by The Wrath & The Dawn – Says: What are you doing to me, you plague of a girl?
Top Left and Right: TBR Pen
Pen Says: To Read or Not to Read? That is the question.
Inside Says: It’s going to be an all-nighter…,This one’s going to hurt, #nextobsession,(Swipe Left), You’ll need your hangover kit., All Pages point to yes!
Middle Left: DOSAB Book Slip
Middle Middle and Right: Magnus von Magnus Incest Set
Bottom Left: Book of the Month with Fae Crate Stamp – Lovestruck by Kate Watson with a Signed Bookplate and Quote Art/ Author Letter
Bottom Right: T-Shirt of the Month inspired by Eragon – Says: Into the sky to win or die
Full Unboxing

Happy reading until next time,

6 thoughts on “Fae Crate Unboxing May 2019

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