Darkblood Academy eARC Review

Darkblood Academy by G. K. DeRosa

Available June 11, 2019

*I received an eARC of this book to review*


Welcome to Darkblood—oops, I mean Darkhen Academy. 

There are three rules to survive the elite supernatural school:

1. Do not talk or even look at The Seven, the uber-powerful supes that rule the academy.

2. Never go into the Fae forest on a full moon… or else.

3. And most definitely do not fall for one of the extremely hot and unattainable instructors. 

Too bad I’ve never really been a rule follower…

A year ago the supernaturals came out of the closet on primetime TV, and about a minute ago I, Luna Hallows, found out I was one of them—well, a half-blood anyway. 

So here I am at Darkhen Academy, the only human and no magical abilities to speak of. The only reason I’m here is because of my father—a man I didn’t even know existed until now. He’s crazy powerful, and they think I could be too. But what could I possibly contribute to an exclusive squad of dragon shifters, fae, witches, and vampires? 

I guess we’re about to find out because the merging of the supernatural and human realms isn’t going as smoothly as planned. If word gets out that humans are no longer safe from the supes, our worlds will once again be closed off. 

It’s up to us to stop that from happening.


4.75 Stars

Little heads up before you pick up this book: Darkblood is set in the same world as Hitched, but YOU DO NOT have to read that book in order to understand this story. There are a couple of times where a few of the minor bachelors’ are talked about, and then there will be huge spoilers like who Kimmie-Jayne ends up with or what her and some of the other guys are doing a year later. It’s totally up to you as to whether you want to pick up this book before the Hitched Series, but I would recommend at least giving the first book a chance before you dive right into to this book!

I would definitely recommend this book for those who love books like

  • Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

This super (*haha* I just laughed at my own pun!) face past, romance infused story follows Luna Hallow and her adventure as the first human in an elite school for super naturals as a ‘way to integrate the worlds coming together’ after the big reveal of the super natural world on Hitched (basically she’s the guinea pig in this experiment). If that doesn’t seem hard enough, she has to figure out if she inherited any of her father’s super powerful warlock abilities or if she’s like any other dull human. THEN, to add on top of those problems, she tagged by a demon who wants to take her to one of the lords in Hell, AND her super-hot instructor is stuck to her like glue as her own personal bodyguard… what could go wrong?

I may like this book more than the Hitched Series 🙈 (and we all know how much I love that series), but comparing the series is like comparing apples to pears. By this point, I’m already familiar with the world, so it’s like going back to school and meeting all of the new kids at the beginning of the year.

And Luna’s reaction when she meet some of the people from Hitched is basically me because her fangirling is out of this world

Ok, Hitched Spoiled ahead so read at your own risk!

After reading the first couple of chapters, it was honest to goodness like a big ol class reunion! It might not have been the spinoff I was hoping for whenever I finished The One, but it did not disappoint at all. After seeing Kimmie and Fenix and Cillian and RYDER, I was soo happy to see them all and how they been have adjusted to their new lives. Fenix of course is the Alpha of the Dragons and Kimmie is next to him as his wife, Cillian is the new headmaster of Darkhen Academy watching over all those up and coming supes, and Ryder is the instructor of Defense and Combat!!! We also have a few siblings like a newly crowned Winter King’s brother and a certain set of dragon twins’ sister.

“He was like a drug, and I was hopelessly addicted – a crack fiend desperate for my next fix.”

Luna has had time to adjust (using that term very loosely because it has only been a year) to the thought of these supernatural beings, and she is more curious about them then anything. She does not let these people at the academy run over her even though they could easily hurt her with their abilities. Luna is open to her new classmates despite being thrown into this school with little warning.

As we all remember I was rather disappointed when Cillian was chosen as one of the two final bachelors in the last book because HELLO, how could you send home the hot bad boy?! But don’t you worry Ryder is back once again, and he seems to be the main love interest in this story!!!! Except Luna and Ryder can’t be together because of student/teacher dating policy at the school *queue dramatic weeping from me*. And it seems like Ryder may have a little competition because of hints of other potential love interests coming from a dragon shifter and an icy fae prince. In other words, drama that I am ready for!

“He drew in a deep breath, running his had over his thigh. “For someone like me, control is everything, Luna. Without it, I’m nothing more than those monsters that have been coming after you. Hell, I used to be just like them.” He paused and glanced down at the lock of hair twisted between his fingers. “I’ve been having a hard time maintaining my control around you, and I’ll be damned if I know why.”

Over the course of this story, Luna becomes at ease with herself because she has always felt like an outsider never really fitting in, and now that she is at this magical school learning about her possible powers, she is starting to figure out who she is and what she can become.

Luna also has to learn who to work with The Seven (the strongest of the strong students) to try to take down something that has been causing havoc on campus. Besides working with the cold prince and her roommates cousin, Luna has to work with a few catty girls who looks like they are ready to feed Luna to the monster in the dark.

If you want to read my reviews for The Hitched Series, click on the book title!

P.S. This is my 100th post!!! Thank y’all for sticking with me and inspiring me to keep blogging and improving my content. xoxo

Happy reading until next time,

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  1. Woah! 100 posts! That’s amazing! I’ve read some of the Hitched series, and I can’t quite remember why but I ended up just stopping? It’s a shame because I really enjoyed the series! If I see any of the EBooks on sale, or at the library, I will pick them up again! Thank you for the review!
    -Emma 🙂

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