Cursed Beauty Review

*I received an ecopy of this book to review”

Cursed Beauty by M. Lynn


Aurora Rose Brynhild is out of time. 

For eighteen years she’s been allowed to live as a free woman in anticipation of a century long slumber. 

Now, the dark sorceress of Dracon is coming for her, and she doesn’t like to lose. 

But Aurora is ready. She has nothing, no one to miss. 

Until him

When she finds the Belaen prince wounded in the forest, she takes him home, wanting to do one good thing before the curse takes her, needing to save his life. 

As she heals the prince, she comes to know fear for the first time in her life. Because now, when the slumber comes for her, she has something to leave behind. 

Prince Phillip Basile never gives up. 

The “General Prince” as they call him, is used to battling for everything he has. 

And now, he will fight for her. Aurora tells him she can’t stay, that there’s no way to break her curse. But he will do anything to prove her wrong, to save her no matter the cost. 

Inspired by the Sleeping Beauty story, this is the cursed princess as you’ve never seen her before.


4.5 Stars

Let me just say that I am a huge fan of retellings. I’ve read everything from Cinderella retellings to Beauty and the Beast to even mythology retellings, so when I saw this story of a Sleeping Beauty retelling I knew that it was a story I couldn’t pass up!

This is the 7th book in this retelling series, but each book can be read independently!

From start to finish, I was able to finish this book cover to cover in about 9ish hours! This is a fast paced story with a twist on the original story! Now it’s been probably a decide since I’ve seen the Disney movie of Sleeping Beauty, and I know that are some rather big differences how some of the things happened, but honestly, that just adds to the beauty of Cursed Beauty (no pun intended).

This retelling is filled with magic, hope, love, and learning how to value each day as if it’s your last.

“I know I can’t keep living for a future I’ll never see. I just don’t know how to move forward.”

With a little under a month before Aurora is supposed to meet her fate for her century long slumber. Aurora has accepted the fact the she will soon sleep while the world keeps turning because she has no one to leave behind that will mourn her. That is until she finds the wounded prince covered by some bushes, and nurses him back to health. The last thing she expects is to this infuriatingly handsome prince that makes her want more in her life.

“Aurora looked to the stranger once more. At least with her final act, she could do something good.”

Prince Phillip doesn’t expect to find love any more than Aurora expected to find someone that accepts her curse and all and wants to try to tell her. Phillip allows Aurora to see that her life is more than her curse while Aurora shows Phillip that he is more than the crown prince of Bela who should be able to experience love and happiness as much as any other citizen.

Although Aurora knows that Phillip is the prince, she treats him like any other person, possibly with a little more sass and attitude than most. But, that’s one of the things that he likes about her, she treats him like a regular person.

A couple of days before Aurora is supposed to fall asleep, she and Phillip travel from her cottage in the woods to the castle where he is hoping that his magic will be able to save her from the curse and they can live happily ever after. But of course, it’s never that simple. The day of Phillip and Aurora’s wedding (and Aurora’s last day), the king dies; relinquishing all of his powers to Phillip, and if that’s not enough, Aurora is expecting.

Throughout the next part of the story, Phillip and Ric work to find ways to save Aurora when her health starts to rapid decline in her slumber after almost 18 years of being healthy. In the quest to find a way to heal her illness, the two finds out that there is a way to wake her before the 100 years is up. But what are they willing to risk in order to be able to have Aurora once again?

“Steel flashed in the early morning sun, but it was only a tool, a ruse. Their greatest weapons lay inside them.”

This story gave me all of the feels and even left me crying quite a few times! With alternating POVs between Aurora, Phillip, and Ric, there is a wide range of thoughts, and together they provide for a fuller story. The love between Aurora and Phillip is one that fairy tales are made of and will leave any romantic wanting more!

Happy reading until next time,

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