Bookstagram Photo Shoot

Hi everyone! If you’ve seen my bookstagram account, then you know that I’m all about having fairylights in my photos! My photos are generally very bright and airy. I received some swag and though it would be fun to post it along side the books. I was going to take and post the photo yesterday, but I was busy studying for my Statistics midterm and cutting grass. So for today, I thought it would be fun to show y’all how I go about taking my photos.

Step 1:

Figure out the focus of your photo: it could be a review, prompt for a photo challenge, or just a idea that just popped into your head.

For today, I’m going to use the swag that I received from Jessica Pennington from her books When Summer Ends and Love Songs & Other Lies

Step 2:

Get everything you need (books, props, etc.)

I’m using:

  • Love Songs & Other Lies and When Summer Ends
  • Fairylights (duh) and a portable charger (for said fairylights)
  • Swag

Step 3:

This step is one of the more time consuming part because I have to lay out the books, swag, and fairylights (which have a mind of there own at times).

At this point, I have to play around with the things to see if I want:

  • everything to be straight and symmetrical or if I want angles
  • to group things together based on the book
  • use one side of a bookmark over the other (with the double sided bookmarks)

Then once all of that is figured out, I still have to change the location of some things depending on lighting, space/size, and aesthetics.

Step 4:

Go through the mass quantities of photos and pick out one to touch-up and post on Instagram.

Step 5:

Adding filters and changing lighting, color, tone, etc. This part normally doesn’t take to long, unless I don’t like any of the photos and have to take more.

To be honest: I use the filters and editing tools on Instagram because a) it’s all right there in the app, b) I don’t get editing crazy, and c) I don’t see the point in paying for another app when I don’t need it for the them of my page.

The main filters I use is Gingham and Clarendon. Gingham is the lighter of the two and is normally my go-to, but for this photo I decided to go with Clarendon to make the beachy colors pop.

After I picked out the filter I then:

  • Adjusted the photo: vertical and horizontal perspective and straighten
  • Added a little contrast, warmth, saturation, color (highlight)

Then its onto adding a message and hashtags!!!

To read my review of When Summer Ends click here!

How does your bookstagram photo shoots compare to mine? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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