Destroyed by Magic Mini Review

Destroyed by Magic Elena Gray & Kelli McCracken

*I received an ecopy of this short story and novella prequel*


“Power always comes with a price, and sun witch Samara Haylan knows the cost.

When Samara discovers her friends are missing, she will do whatever it takes to find them, even if it means using old magic.

If she’s caught, she can be stripped of her powers and banished from her coven. So when the council forbids her to get involved, what does she do?
Whatever the hell she wants…”


4.25 Stars

The prequel novella (Consumed by Magic) is not a required story that you have to read before you start Destroyed by Magic, but it’s a good way to get a feel for the main character Samara, her guardians, and boyfriends without a lot of drama.

Destroyed by Magic is roughly 100 pages. This is a paranormal fantasy book with witches, shapeshifters (werewolves), mages, gargoyles, and similar creatures.

Samara is on the fast track to becoming the high priestess in the coven, but when her friends go missing, she is willing to risk her potential title to find them when it seems like no one is taking the situation series.

She is also a fierce female willing to go head to head with one her scariest dark magic wielding gargoyle guardians, and she loves her boyfriends with the same amount of force, even the human boyfriend that she’s not supposed to be seeing because it could end up exposing the paranormal world.

This is a fast paced story with spells, love, and a friendship strong enough that it’s worth risking everything.

Destroyed by Magic is a good starter story for those wanting to try the reverse harem genre because the relationships with Samara, Zander, and Draven isn’t super heavy in details where it would make people used to monogamous relationships uncomfortable with having multiple love interests.

Happy reading until next time,

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