Mermaid Queen Review

Mermaid Queen Review

*I received an eARC of this book to review*

Mermaid Queen by Anna Santos


“A handsome Lycan King will claim as his mate the mermaid who saved him from drowning.

All her mermaid life, Mirella has been told to stay away from the humans. Yet, one night, a mysterious pull compels her to save a handsome stranger from drowning in a shipwreck. Once she takes him to his island, the language barrier stops her from explaining to him that she’s his fated mate.

Duncan has been waiting for his fated mate. As the king of the Lycans, it’s his duty to marry and leave offspring. He never thought his mate could be a gorgeous mermaid. Despite being unable to communicate with her, he wants to make her his. But is she able to live out of water?

Mirella strikes a deal with the Sea Witch for the ability to speak the human tongue. Deeply in love with the stranger she keeps meeting on a beach, she’ll defy her father and will offer her tail to the witch to be with Duncan. But can she trust him with her heart and her life?”


4.5 Stars

Mermaid Queen is a new adult retelling of the Little Mermaid! When I saw that this story had merfolk and werewolves (and vampires, although they aren’t the star of the story), I was all over this story.

I’ll be honest, I was kind of scared as to how this story was going to be told because we have Disney’s version of TLM where Ariel ends up with Erik, and then there’s the Grimm’s version where Erik ends up with a human. There is a HEA in the end so we know which version this story loosely follows, yet The Mermaid Queen is so much better than the Disney’s because TMQ has a higher family value, and they care about Mirella and her safety.

This short story is light, fresh read on an old fairytale with a fun paranormal spin. I’m cautioning you now, that you’ll want to set a few hours aside because you will not want to put this story down once you start it!

Mirella is a brave, sweet, caring young woman willing to risk it all for an unconventional love that could kill her if her heart is broken. Mirella meeting her mate brings even more joy and life to this mermaid’s life, making you wish for a love this strong.

Duncan is the Alpha King of the lycans not thinking about finding love so soon in his life, until he’s drowning and is saved by a mermaid that leaves him wanting nothing more than her. He is fiercely protective of his people despite his tough exterior, so when Mirella is thrown into his life, we see a different side of him.

Mirella and Duncan must over come not only the language barrier but some of their closest family and friends think that the whole thing is crazy. In this story where werewolves meets The Little Mermaid, it’ll make you wishing that the classics were more like The Mermaid Queen.

Happy reading until next time,

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