Fae Crate Unboxing June 2019

Top Left: T-shirt of the Month inspired by Caraval
Top Right: Six of Crows Bracelet that says ‘Trickery is my native tongue.’
Bottom Left: Spoiler Card: Theme this month: Trail Run
Bottom Middle & Right: Prythian Globe inspired by ACOTAR
Top Left: TBR Drawstring Bag
Top Right: Monthly Polaroid inspired by Emika from Warcross
Middle Right: Gilded Wolves Car Coasters
Bottom Left: Monthly Coin inspired by the Raven Cycle says ‘The head is too wise, The heart is all fire’
Bottom Right: Ready Player One inspired Puzzle
Book of the Month: The Red Labyrinth by Meredith Tate (synopsis below)
Also included is an author letter (top) and a signed book plate with character art.


“The massive labyrinth was built to protect Zadie Kalvers’ isolated desert town. Unfortunately, living in the maze’s shadow makes her feel anything but safe. Even without its enchanted deathtraps and illusions, a notorious killer named Dex lurks in its corridors, terrorizing anyone in his path.

But when Zadie’s best friend vanishes into the labyrinth-and everyone mysteriously forgets he exists- completing the maze becomes her only hope of saving him. In desperation, Zadie bribes the only person who knows the safe path through-Dex-into forming a tenuous alliance.

Navigating a deadly garden, a lethal blood-filled hourglass, and other traps-with an untrustworthy murderer for her guide-Zadie’s one wrong step from certain death. But with time running out before her friend (and secret crush) is lost forever, Zadie must reach the exit and find him. If Dex and the labyrinth don’t kill her first.”

Full Unboxing

Happy reading until next time,

11 thoughts on “Fae Crate Unboxing June 2019

  1. all of these are so cool! I have a question though: do you display any of these items eg. the enamel pins in a cool way? If you do, would you be able to show us because it would probably be amazing now with all your pieces 🙂
    -Emma 🙂

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