Settings That I’d like to See More of: TTT

This weeks prompt for Top Ten Tuesday is settings that I’d love to see more of!

TTT is a weekly meme that is hosted by thatartsyreadergirl!

1. South Carolina

Of course I’d say my home state. There are books like Beautiful Creatures and How to Break a Boy that take place in small towns in SC, but they were meh. Then there’s the Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle Series by C. L. Stone that take place in Charleston (which is one of the bigger more well known cities in the state) and as much as I love the Ghost Bird Series, it still has the hustle and bustle of a busy place. I’d love to see more books with small southern towns with warm summer nights and lakes.

2. College

I know many young people would love to see more books where the characters are in college actually living on (or near campus), going to classes, and navigating a new chapter in their life. Many YA/NA books shows college students as people who go off and party, have sex, and do drugs. Do some students do that? Yeah, but a lot of people actually try and want to do well. I think it would have given me a small piece of mine a few years ago, if I were able to read books set in college of more realistic events.

3. New York City

A couple of years ago, I was able to go to NYC for my senior trip with my school and fell in love with the city. I loved the fast paced world that lives in big cities and would to see a book that captures that energy found in NYC. The lights of Time Square to China Town to shops to everything in between had me wishing that I could visit there more often. This is one of those places that is pretty well known all over the world and so many people aren’t able to travel to see it for a multitude of reasons, so it would help them be able to explore.

4. Hollywood/LA

This is another place that I would love to visit but have to see vicariously though reading books. There’s something so fun about being so close to famous singers or being around so much raw talent where you see someone interesting around every corner. I mean imagine going to a coffee shop early one morning before you go sightseeing and literally running into your favorite singer (who happened to be single) *wistfully dreaming*.

5. Greece

After all those years ago when I read Percy Jackson and fell in love with Greek mythology, I’d love to see books where someone takes a vacation or goes to school somewhere close enough to see the old parts of Greece with all of the architecture mentioned in these myths.

6. Amusement Parks

There’s something fun about theme parks where people are so happy and care free. Theme parks would make a great setting for light hearted contemporary book.

7. The Beach

I’m all about beach life. Laying under the sun with a book by the water, watching cute guys playing football, and listening to music… doesn’t that sound like the beginning of a great book?

What are some places that you’d like to see more of in books? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

16 thoughts on “Settings That I’d like to See More of: TTT

  1. New York is such a brilliant setting, I totally agree there! I also love beach/sea settings a lot of the time. I’ve actuallu just started reading a book set in an amusement park (Hot Dog Girl) and I’m really liking it so far 😊
    Amy x

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