My Favorite Photos from July

Hi everyone! I thought it would be interesting to go back through my bookstagram photos from the month of July and pick out my favorite five (or seven, not sure yet) and explain why I like them so much. During this past month I was able to post 32 photos! A few were for rep searches while others were for reviews, unboxings, photo challenges, and a tag! This may become a monthly thing depending how things goes!

*These will be in order of date from oldest to newest.*

This photo was to celebrate the Forth of July, and I wasn’t planning on posting that day, but I was everyone posting red, white, and blue books. So I decided to jump on the band wagon! I love that I have a small ombre-ish thing going on between the white and the blue books and the candles were even in theme! I also love how you are able to see some of the individual stars of my fairylights in this photo.

Even though this photo doesn’t fit my “theme” on Instagram, I think the change up is why it catches my attention when scrolling through my feed. This was a difficult photo to take because the prompt was to show off the bookends. I had books lined up with the bookend holding them up, but I wasn’t able to find an angle that showcased both the books and bookends properly, so I had to play around with the things and ended up taking no less than 50 pictures. In the end (around the time where I was able to skip the photo prompt for the day), I was getting desperate and was just putting things everywhere and ended up with this!

I feel like this photo is a window into my soul because it has an opened book (which was Sorcery of Thorns), a cup of coffee (the cup is inspired by The Darkest Star), and the angle is a little different which is always fun to keep your followers on their toes!

I love this photo because I feel like I was able to capture the essence of Lara Jean with the wax seal and the letter! The fairylights adds a brightness that makes this photo so much fun.

OKAY, I was able to take this photo in one shot!!! Like what bookstagrammer is able to do that?! That’s one of the main reasons as to why I like this one so much, but I like that I was able to show some of my bookcase in the background. Yes, you can see my 5SOS poster and ‘Kiss My Class Goodbye’ in the background *hahaha*.

Although the angles and proportions aren’t quite what I wanted, I liked the array of books that I showcased and the summery feel of it all.

Overall, I think my bookstagram had a pretty good monthly considering the craziness that was going on towards the end of the month!

Happy reading until next time,

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