Fae Crate Unboxing July 2019

Hi everyone, it’s been a crazy day! I spent the better part of the morning at school trying to get my schedule set and had to talk to the people at financial aid because it seems like there were things missing. IT WAS A MESS. Anyway, when I got home and was getting my box of books out of my car (yes, I had to get a box of books for ONE class) when the mail truck came and blessed me with my Fae Crate box!

Top Left & Right: Cord Protector
Middle Right: Steelheart inspired Lanyard – says ‘Where there are villians, there will be heroes.’
Bottom Left: Monthly Coin inspired by the Young Elites – says ‘I pledge myself to the Rose Society.’
Bottom Middle: Candle inspired by Renegades by Marissa Meyer made by Spideyscents with scents of cherry and almond
Bottom Right: Monthly Spoiler Card – Theme: Power Up
Top Left: Monthly T-Shirt inspired by Vicious
Top & Middle Right: XL Pouch inspired by the Lunar Chronicles designed by Catarinabookdesigns – says ‘Still holding out for that reward money.’
Bottom Left: Carry On inspired Polaroid by Chioink
Bottom Middle: Pop Socket that says ‘I’m the hero of this story.’
Bottom Right: Character Art with a code to redeem Deviation by Christine Manzari
Book of the Month: Collateral Damage by Taylor Simonds with a signed bookplate
Bottom Left: Naked Book with an Embossed Design by Noverantale
Bottom Right: Reversable Dust Jacket by Artoflore

Synopsis: Power. Courage. Invincibility. The marks of a true hero. Meg Sawyer has none of these things.Meg has never stopped a moving bus with her bare hands, been bitten by a radioactive insect, or done anything moderately resembling saving the world. She doesn’t have to. She’s a background citizen, a nobody, one of the swarms of faceless civilians of Lunar City–where genetically enhanced superhumans straight out of the comics have thwarted evil for years.For as long as the Supers have existed, Meg has had one goal: to not become a casualty in their near-daily battles for justice. And for the last seventeen years, she’s managed to do just that. Sure, her minimum-wage job at the local coffee shop isn’t great, she can’t even leave her apartment without loading herself up with protective gear, and her car was just hijacked to throw at a supervillain (again), but she’s not dead yet.But when Meg accidentally finds one of the city’s perfect, invincible protectors murdered under extremely suspicious circumstances, her whole “innocent bystander” strategy falls apart. After being coerced by his determined girlfriend into a mission to help prevent the deaths of the remaining Supers, Meg finds herself forced into the foreground of a story she never wanted to be part of—one that challenges everything she thought she knew about both her city and herself.

Full Unboxing

Happy reading until next time,

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