My Favorite Tropes: Top Ten Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today’s TTT is all about my favorite tropes! I think most of the tropes I’m going to mention today will gravitate more so towards contemporary books just because you don’t see a lot of MCs falling in love with the boy next door kind of things. Also, I’m game for any trope that bring together the love interests.

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by thatartsyreadergirl

Also, Nursing school has started!!! This is day two, and I’m so tired… and in my eyeballs in assigned reading. Good news it that I have about 95% of my Spin the Dawn review finished, so it show be up as soon as a have time to finish and revise it! Then, I finished As She Fades and LOVED it; I’m hoping to review that book sometime before the end of the month as well.

Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

I love the idea of realizing that you’ve always had these hidden feeling for you best friend and that you want to build on a relationship with someone who knows some of your darkest secrets. Sometimes with these stories it’s like a light switch was flip and suddenly the MC finds herself suddenly head over heals for her best guy friend and he conveniently like her back. Those types of books are okay, but I like the ones with a more organic sequence of events better.

The Questionable Characters

Isn’t it fun to read able those characters who toe the line between being good and bad and watching their internal struggle of deciding what to do? I think I like these characters so much because they, at times, seem more real than those who are one sided because they gray characters are more realistic since life isn’t always white or black.

The Good Girl Falling for the Bad Boy

I’ll be honest, I like this trope so much because I always picture myself as the good girl in the book. I’m the type of person who follows rules, constantly studies… basically lacks a social life, so I get to live through these books. When I’m reading, I’m always drawn to the bad boys (or villains depending on the genre), so when the MC ends up with the bad boy, I get to envision myself letting loose for a little while.

When Everything Good Just Happens

I know some people don’t like it when everything always seems to fall into place or when things seem to cookie cutter, but sometimes I need a lighthearted, predictable story when I don’t have to worry about plot twists or characters dying because the author hadn’t killed a character in the last 100 pages.

Soulmates / True Pairing

This may be MY FAVORITE trope because I love the thought of finding that person who is your other half in every way possible. That person who you want to spend the rest of your life with and will try to make happy with every fiber of your being… I mean look at Feyre and Rhys. On a side note, this is why I love werewolf books so much because many of the werewolves believes in mates.

Fake Dating

I love to see these “relationships” develop because in the handful that I’ve read, the characters seem to go into the fake relationship hating each other and by the time to call it quits, something real has blossomed.

New Families

I think this trope is important because it shows that family isn’t necessarily made of people who are related to you by blood. Many times, these new families consist of really close friends who have a bond so deep that they consider their friends to be a part of a real family.

Dating the Celebrity

These books let me imagine what it would be like to be dating a celebrity because let’s be real, there’s no way that I’m going to meet a celebrity in real life and have anything other than a fan-celebrity relationship. Most of the time, I tend to read books where the celebrity is a musician rather than an actor because I’m more of a music person than a movie/ tv person.

Cute Nerdy Guys

Y’all can say all you want, but I love a good story with a cute guy wearing glasses or a geek and constantly making some type of math or literature pun (and it turns out that he has abs or is fit despite his nerdy exterior) … Why? Because what’s more attractive than a guy who appreciates knowledge?

Book Lovers/Bloggers

It’s so cool to see MCs that are like us who love to read books! Then if they are a blogger or vlogger, that’s an added bonus!

What are some of your favorite tropes? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Tropes: Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love tropes like these so much! It reminds me of a textpost I saw ages ago on Tumblr, but I cant’ find it.
    It went somethings like:
    Me : Pfft, the good girl and bad boy trope is so overused
    Author : She was a good girl, and he was a bad boy who fell in love
    Me, crying : Oh my god she was a good girl and he was a bad boy who fell in love
    – Emma 🙂

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  2. Whenever I’ve read ‘chick-lit’ and women’s fiction the main character is always working in the publishing industry. Always. As I’ve studied publishing and want to work in the industry this always makes me laugh.
    I do eyeroll whenever the main character is ‘fake dating’ but ends up falling in love but I still love it 😅

    Danielle |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Dating the celeb” is such an enjoyable fantasy. My favorite of this type is Stacey Kade’s “738 Days.” But the musician-based ones are awesome because then hopefully you can score a supplemental swoon-worthy trope involving the writing or performance of a song.


  4. I hope you have a good school year!! Good luck!!!

    Also, so many great picks in general. And I love seeing your thoughts on them/what makes them work or not. Especially the friends to lover trope. I like a mix of all styles with this one but I definitely am with you re: preferring the ones that happen organically instead of just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it interaction that changes everything so suddenly. I like to see it happen, really happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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