LitJoy Unboxing August 2019

Top Left: Spoiler Card designed by Kat Adara – Theme: Dressed for Deception
Top Right: Pin Banner inspired by Snow White – says: ‘Who is the fairest of them all.’
Middle Left: Sleeping Beauty inspired Zipper Pouch designed by thiswhimsme
Middle Right: Cinderella inspired socks
Bottom Left: Pencil with Fashion Phrases (Phrases: Books are the new black, It;s chic to be geek, Yas queen, Stitch Please, and Prose before clothes)
Bottom Right: Pocket Mirror inspired by Effie Trinket (from The Hunger Games) designed by Soo Kim
Book of the Month: A Dress for the Wicked by Autumn Krause
This book is signed (bottom left), has a reversable dust jacket (bottom right) designed by Kat Adara), and has a letter from the author (top right).
Middle Right: Monthly Trading cards with Feyre, Amren, and Mor from ACOTAR designed by Niru Sky
Full Unboxing

Happy reading until next time,

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