You Made Assumptions and Asked Questions…

Hey everyone!!! So, it has been well over a month since I’ve asked y’all for some questions and assumptions on a post for assumptions and one with quotes… but I’m finally sitting down to answer them! A huge thanks to everyone who submitted something! Also, I haven’t forgotten about the bookcase reorganization tour, I have to type up the titles (and authors)!


Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea – you’re a hufflepuff!! also you are in the middle when it comes to being an introvert or an extrovert!

It’s true! I’m a proud Hufflepuff (well as proud as any non Harry Potter fan can be). It’s also true that I’m one of those people who fall in the middle of being introverted and extroverted. It is very hard to explain this. I generally associated as an introvert, but when I’m with friends or something I have my moments when I act out of my normal character! (Is it that obvious that I’m in the middle?)

Grace – I believe you’re a college student living a high life with a schnauzer in your pocket. You work hard and cherish your books. And if you’re a hufflepuff I am to mate! Horahhh! Hufflepuff Fam!!!

I read my sister’s assumption out load after she submitted it, and apparently she had different opinions then me when it came to these. I like to think that I’m living a good life. I still live at home so I don’t have to worry about expenses like bills while I’m in school, and I do have I mini schnauzer who’s always following me! I’m also a proud book lover and a Hufflepuff!

Emma @ AFCTL – You seem like a hufflepuff (popular opinion according to these comments) and you really enjoy fantasy

Yes! I’m a Hufflepuff! I even took the official Harry Potter test to confirm it! And I do enjoy a good fantasy book, although it’s not my go to at the moment!


Grace – Have you ever considered moving to Europe (London) or Canada (Montreal)? Personally I love how Canada looks, and I would love to try the type of food they both have to offer. When will there be a playlist for a post on Spotify? Will you ever do a review or anything on a more realistic book, somethings that is like a *The Hate List* or *The Way I Used To Be*? Will there be another post about music? Have you ever put a book you dislike in one of your posts?

Y’all I love my sister but idk why she asked me this stuff considering how we live in the same house! But I’ll answer them! I’ve never really considering moving out of the US, but I’d love to visit Europe because I live their accents. I’m not sure when there will be another post with a Spotify playlist. I think I created one for You’d Be Mine. If I read a more realistic contemporary book, I’d love to post a review of it if I’m able too. Yes! I’m planning to do another music post soon. I post about books I don’t like quite frequently because I know just because I didn’t like a book, it doesn’t mean that another person is going to have the same thoughts, so I try to be all inclusive with my posts.

Emma – Where do you get your inspiration for posts? They are always so well done and thoughtful to read!

What is your favourite blogging experience so far?

Thank you! Honestly, I just try to write stuff that I would enjoy to read or something that I feel like isn’t talked about enough! I can’t think of one particular event in my blogging career, but I love interacting with y’all and connecting with others about books and music!

Update on the guy in my class! So I didn’t talk to him over the weekend because we didn’t exchange numbers on Thursday (and still haven’t), but my friend found him instagram. Then, yesterday (Sunday) morning, his young sister (who’s around the age of my sister) followed me on instagram, so it sounds like he had talked about me to her. AND, this morning, he was sitting next to my seat in class! Y’all I’m dying rn. He had asked for my snap, but ya girl doesn’t have one, so I gave him my IG instead. I’ll keep y’all informed!

Happy reading until next time,

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