Tunnel of Bones OwlCrate Jr Unboxing

Hi everyone! Today has been a busy day both on my blog and at school! Earlier today I posted the August Luminary Unboxing, 9/3/19 Releases Part 1, and 9/3/19 Releases Part 2 because there were that many books being released today!!!

I’m so excited to share with y’all the special box that OwlCrate Jr. put together to celebrate Tunnel of Bones, the sequel to City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab!

First off, can we admire this adorable box! The normal Owlcrate Jr. box is blue instead of red.

Top Left: A Black Cat (Grim) from Wild Republic
Top Right: Could You Escape the Paris Catacombe? by Matt Doeden – this is fun little choose your own path type of book!
Bottom Left and Middle Right: ‘Haunted Remains’ Skull Soap by LeeLoo’s Soap! I had to take two photos to show y’all the glitter and the cool skull!
Bottom Right: Spoiler Card
Top Left: Edinburgh Sticker designed by Anoosha Syed
Top Right: Silver Mirror Pendant Necklace
Bottom Left: City of Ghosts inspired Tote Bag designed by Bailey Crawford – says ‘Watch and listen, see and know, this is what you are.’
Middle Right: Tunnel of Bone Pin
Bottom Right: Paris Sticker also by Anoosha Syed
Top Left: Tunnel of Bones Book!
Top Right: Signed Page
Bottom Left: A Note from Victoria
Bottom Right: Locker Poster from Scholastic Books
Full Unboxing!

Happy reading until next time,

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