As She Fades Review with Playlist

As She Fades by Abbi Glines

As She Fades: A Novel by [Glines, Abbi]


“On the night of her high school graduation, Vale McKinley and her boyfriend Crawford are in a terrible car accident that leaves Crawford in a coma. They were supposed to spend the summer planning for college, for a bright future full of possibility. Together. Instead, Vale spends long days in the hospital, hoping Crawford will awaken.

Slate Allen, a college friend of Vale’s brother, has been visiting his dying uncle at the same hospital. When he and Vale meet, she can’t deny the flutter of an illicit attraction. She tries to ignore her feelings, but she’s not immune to Slate’s charm. Slowly, they form a cautious friendship.

Then, Crawford wakes up . . . with no memory of Vale or their relationship. Heartbroken, Vale opts to leave for college and move on with her life. Except now, she’s in Slate’s territory, and their story is about to take a very strange turn.”


5 Stars

Honestly, this might be my favorite book by Abbi. This book tore me a part in every way possible. It’s told in two parts, and I was crying the entire time while I was reading the second part after I pieced together what happened. I’ll talk about the second part later in this review after the playlist, so I hopefully won’t spoil anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled.

Vale is the typical good girl in high school with a good balance of her academic and social life. She has the perfect boyfriend, a loving family, and a bright future; until her world is suddenly turned upside down when she and her boyfriend, Crawford, is hit by a truck on the night of their graduation. Each day that his is in a coma is a day that Vale loses sense of the world until she spends all of her time in the waiting room in the hospital awaiting her time to sit in Crawford’s room to read to him hoping that he’ll wake up. Her life revolves around her time at the hospital, and it’s getting close to the time for her to leave for college. Her family is worried that she might take of the fall semester to stay by Crawford.

During her time in the waiting room, she meets Slate as he is going to visit his uncle who’s battling cancer. Slate is a straight-forward guy who doesn’t sugar coat anything (and he sleeps around, but at least he’s honest about it).

Slate slowly brings life back to Vale and despite his constant banter and pestering, and Vale finds herself wanting to spend time with him.

“Why do you care?” I askes before I could stop myself.

He shrugged. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know. But I care. That’s all that matters.”

Skip ahead to move in day at college, and Vale finds herself in a place where she can start over, yet she doesn’t wait to move on and live because there’s still the chance that Crawford could wake up. Vale slowly starts to make some new friends (and a few enemies because she’s Slate’s only female friend). She is getting used to college life, and she has a job on the weekends to make some money, and as time goes on, she decides that it’s time for to move forward and acts on her feelings towards Slate.

As She Fades is a heart-stoppingly beautiful book that will put in perspective of how fragile life is and why we shouldn’t take loved ones for granite. This book will make you cry, laugh, and call you loved ones to tell them you love them.


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Okay last chance!

So this book put me through the emotional ringers. It kind of reminds me of We Were Liars because the synopsis leads you to believe one thing, but the actual content of the book leads you in a completely different direction.

I was flipping through the book before I actually started to read it and noticed that during the first half of the book it was only told through Vale’s POV and the second half had both Vale and Slate. I found that to be odd, but it all makes perfect sense the deeper you get in the book.

Despite Crawford being in a coma in the first part of the book and Vale losing herself to grief, it felt like it was being told on bright like when you rip open the curtains first thing in the morning and the sun blinds you type of bright, but as I was reading part two the whole thing came into focus. Part one ends with Slate and Vale hiking up the mountain, and I thought that was when she was finally going to get a phone call saying that Crawford woke up, but NOPE. That’s not what happened at all. It turns out that VALE is the one in the coma, and she is starting to wake up at the beginning part of part two. At first, I thought that there was some kind of accident while she was hiking with Slate and was finally waking up, but nope, she was the one in the coma all along (not Crawford).

And it turns out that everyone that she met in college and interacted with on a normal basis were doctors and nurses who were taking care of her (mind blown). Like her best friend Mae is one of the nurses that helps, while Mae’s brother in part one, Charlie, is Vale’s doctor, and the nasty roommate, Everly is still equally as mean in part two (some things never change).

As I was taking in this new information, I knew that something was up with Crawford because he didn’t came to visit his girlfriend until three days after she woke up because “his phone was dead”; yea that was his excuse. ANYWAY, I knew right then and there that he didn’t care for Vale like he should have, and he was living it up at college. I know that it’s probably not the best for some people to have relationship while in college because of college life, but he didn’t even tell anyone about Vale. One night Crawford and Vale ended up going to a frat party, and he was introducing her as his childhood girlfriend and EVERYONE was surprised (because once again he was sleeping around with basically every female).

And don’t even get me started on their relationship during high school because Crawford made all of the decisions and Vale didn’t even notice until after she had woken up from her come.

Okay, I need to move on before this turn into a rant. My heart was BROKEN when I had read something from Slate’s POV because in part one there were a lot of little things that Vale had noticed like Slate sitting and reading to Crawford while people weren’t in his room or when he was reading to the children in the hospital, and he must have heard about her going to the same college as himself and her brother and was telling about the area and different stories because there were moments of déjà vu of places weren’t what she had imagined because IT WAS SLATE TELLING HER ABOUT THESE PLACES AND SHE WAS DREAMING OF THEM.

“I was glad she’s woken up. That she was going to be okay. I was curious about her. I felt like I knew her now, and I’d never even met her. I knew her face so clearly. I’d watched her sleeping. I had read to her. Talked about Uncle D. Given the family a break many evenings while they went home to bathe or sleep. She had become important to me. But I didn’t even know the sound of her voice.”

I think I should end the review right here because I could talk about this book for at least an hour.

Me talking about this book doesn’t give it justice. Once you read this book (which I highly recommend that you do) you’ll understand how beautifully woven both parts of this book are and watch a girl who doesn’t know who she is without her longtime boyfriend find herself during some dark days of her life.

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Happy reading until next time,

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