Sunshine Blogger Award Part 2 and 3

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing the Sunshine Blogger Award Parts 2 & 3!!! You can find my first post here! It is such an honor for Nen & Jen @ Nen and Jen and Amelia @ Adventures with a Side of Espresso for nominating me for this award! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude towards y’all and all of my readers!

The past couple of days, I’ve been busy trying to catch up on gather releases for the rest of October and November and I’m glad to say that those pages are finally up on my blog! Now all I have to do is finish up December, and I can start working on 2020! I can’t believe the year is almost over!

I also have some exciting news! I’m only one WordPress follower away from having 400, and 7 followers away from having 800 people following my bookstagram!!! It’s so crazy to believe that that many people are remotely interested in my bookish thoughts!

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.

Nen & Jen’s Questions

What was the first book you really obsessed over?

I think it would have to be the Percy Jackson series back when I was in the 6th grade (about 8 years ago)!

Which book was your last 1-Star rating?

I’m normally not one to give low ratings, but the lowest rating that I’ve given on my blog is a 3.25 stars for After by Anna Todd. The lowest rated book on my ‘Read’ page on goodreads is Salt & Sorrow by Kendall Kulper (which I read long before my blogging career), and the story was SO slow that it took months for me to read and didn’t hold my attention very well.

Name your ultimate (specific) book + food/drink pairing.

(Hoping that I answer this question correctly) I’m typically not one to just pick up a book to reread it enough to have a book and food pairing, but off the top of my head I would pair What Light by Jay Asher with hot apple cider and The Selection by Kiera Cass with cake (since I’m not likely to have a strawberry tart in the house!).

Do you ever read a book without reading its synopsis?

Yes, well kind of. A lot of the times, I will forget what the synopsis is, so I’m basically going into a book with very little knowledge, or there are times when I pick up a book that is so hyped that I don’t even bother with a synopsis.

What is your favourite type of blogging post?

I love to write and read posts tags because it’s a great way to get to know a blogger while learning about books (and other things) that they like and dislike! It’s kind of like playing a special edition of 20 questions!

What is your least favourite book trope?

Toxic relationships (hint: this is why I didn’t like After). I honestly don’t see how anyone could get behind this trope because it’s so unhealthy both mentally and physically.

Who was your favourite childhood author?

Possibly Dr. Seuss because his books are so bright and colorful with whimsical illustrations!

Do you like to write or only like to read?

It’s kind of funny that y’all asked this because I never saw myself as a write (because when I think of a write as an author, and I’m not planning on writing a book) until someone tagged me in one of those tweets where you share info about your current WIP. I had explained that I wasn’t an author, and the person was like ‘Aren’t you a blogger because blogging is a type of writing.’ It was then that I began to see myself as a writer! But to answer the question, I like to read more that write!

If you could turn any book in to a film, which would it be?

The Selection: dresses, food, and Maxon and America’s relationship, do I need to say more?

What genre do you wish you could read?

Dystopian. I feel like during the very beginning of my reading life dystopian was the IT thing and almost every book I had read for about 6 months was some sort of dystopian type story, and I had read so much of it that I don’t read much of it now.

What made you decide to get in to book blogging?

The longer version of the story can be found here, but essentially, I wanted to spread my love of the smaller lesser known books and authors!

Adventures with a Side of Espresso’s Questions

What was the book that made you fall in love with reading?

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Book 1)

Since I said that *first* set of books that made me love reading, I’m going to list some other books that I read during middle school: The Divergent Series, The Mortal Instruments, The Program, The Hunger Games, and The Selection.

If you had to choose a non-natural color for your hair, what would it be?

Because my hair is a very dark shade of black, I have to strip all of the pigment from it making it hard for most non-natural colors to stay in it for more than about two weeks with me washing it. But let’s say that it would stay for a normal amount of time, I would get either hot pink or purple highlights.

What is your favorite holiday?

I love Christmas because it’s one of those times where most of my family is in the same area, and there’s a happy, magical feeling in the air from the excitement of having time off from school.

Do you have any special books in your collection (ex: signed books, special editions, etc)?

Yes! I have a lot of signed books thanks to book boxes like OwlCrate, Uppercase, LitJoy and books with bookplates from Fae Crate and Luminary! Some of the books that are signed that aren’t from book boxes are a bunch of Jennifer L. Armentrout books (Obsidian, The Darkest Start and The Burning Shadow – both signed and personalized- If There’s No Tomorrow, Frigid, Meet Cute, and Storm and Fury (ARC that’s signed), Save the Date by Morgan Matson, The Reckoning of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin, and a handful of other books! I also have the 10th anniversary edition of the City of Bones and about 6 or 7 ARCs.

If you could get away with one crime, what would it be?

Sneaking backstage to a 5SOS concert and meeting the guys (without fangirling to the point of me crying).

What is a scent that always brings back a good memory?

The Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea lotion; it doesn’t bring up a particular memory, but it brings back that childhood happiness every time I smell it.

What is your favorite format to read books in (e-book, audio, hardcover, paperback)?

It’s between paperback and hardcover. Paperbacks are lighter, but sometime they’re harder to hold open causing people to bend the spine while hardcovers are able to stay open easier.

What makes you laugh until you cry?

Other people laughing. I’m one of those people who starts laughing when I hear others laughing (especially babies); there was this one guy I went to school with and he had a very unique laugh that got me every single time.

If you were a cartoon character, what would your signature outfit be?

Jeans, a band t-shirt, and a pair of vans.

Who is a person you admire and why?

I don’t know if I can name a particular person because everyone that I surround myself with has some quality about them that makes me want to be better and aspire to have.

What’s the weirdest fun fact that you know?

Because my mind went blank and couldn’t think of anything, I had to look something up… Did you know that sea otters hold hands while sleeping in the water? Yep, they do this, so they don’t get separate by the water currents!

My Questions:

Since I’m doing two of these in one post, I’m going to ask 20 questions and y’all can choose to answer 11 (or more if you want) of your favorite or all of them! If you choose to do more than 11 just remember that the original post only requires you to do/ask 11 so keep that in mind while you make your questions! (I hope that doesn’t confuse y’all)

  • Which book character would be your archnemesis?
  • What TV show can you quote the most?
  • What is your dream job?
  • What is your favorite fall accessory?
  • Are you a morning or night person?
  • Do you annotate, highlight, or use sticky notes in your books?
  • Who is an author that you would love to be friends with?
  • If you could drop everything right this moment to board a plane, where would travel too?
  • What is your favorite hidden gem book (one that doesn’t have the recognition it deserves)?
  • How often do you reorganize your bookcase?
  • What is a song that represents your life at the moment?
  • What mythical creature would you have as a pet?
  • How do you drink your coffee (or tea)?
  • What is a quirky thing that your pet does?
  • What trope makes your cringe every time you read about it?
  • What is the last book you have read that you couldn’t put down?
  • What makes you happy whenever you’re upset?
  • Do you plan your TBR for the month and stick to it or are you a mood reader?
  • Who is your favorite group of friends in a book?
  • Which song do you jam out to whenever it comes on the radio?


Happy reading until next time,

10 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award Part 2 and 3

  1. That otter fact is one of my favorites! Also your signed book collection is wow! That’s so cool.
    Also 100% agree with you about the selection series needing a movie. I’m still a little mad at the fact that Kiera Cass teased us for days on her instagram and got everyone thinking she was about to announce a selection movie but we just got a new book announcement instead. I need a movie for that series so bad. I just need to see the costumes they design for it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t read Percy Jackson, After or the Selection Series. I own the first and last ones though and am really keen to give them a try! 😀 I’ve read some really mixed reviews about After and think I’m just going to give that one a miss haha 😛 Thanks for answering our questions Lauren!! Jen

    Liked by 1 person

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