Book Subscription Boxes Recommendations

(Updated as of Oct 2019)

With book boxes becoming all the rage at the moment, it’s hard to decide which one to get! Each box seems to have a special monthly item that may range from enamel pins to Polaroid to playing cards to coins making each company enticing. If you’re like me, you want to order each book box there is, but realistically speaking that would cost A LOT of money, and some companies aren’t able to ship overseas. So, you have to do some research and look at people’s opinions of these boxes, make the decision on if you want to try it out, and see if you are satisfied with the quality and price of the box.

While searching for a book box it can get so overwhelming because you’re trying to juggle different tabs with the information for each box and you still don’t know which one to get. Today I’m going to try and help you sort through some of the boxes that I have purchased in recent years to help you decide!

Please note that I live in the US and my experience will be different from those who live overseas, also I am not a rep for any of these companies. Some of these companies have Instagram reps that have discount codes for your first order!

Also, all thoughts and opinions of these companies are mine.

For part 2 with information about Fairy Loot, Once Upon a Book Club, Illumicrate, and Unplugged, click here.

For part 3 with information about The Bookish Box, Book Ship, Beacon Book Box, Fable Merch, Novelly Yours, Flick the Wick, and Dreamy and Co. click here.


OwlCrate is based out of Canada but the boxes are put together in the US (they ship international). They also make special limited edition boxes for certain releases, and these boxes are separate for their monthly boxes, so you have to physically buy each one (prices vary for the special edition boxes + shipping).

They are not limited to a certain genre of YA but are currently picking a lot of fantasy and sci-fi books.

OwlCrate releases the theme for the following month on the spoiler card for the current month (and sometimes early if they sell out). They also have different hints for the book and some of the items included.


  • A signed book that has been released within the last month and a half
    • Also has an exclusive cover and an author letter
  • 3-5 items that goes with the theme for that month
  • Exclusive: Monthly enamel pin

Payment Plans:

  • Monthly – $29.99 (+ shipping)
  • 3 Months prepay – $86.98 (+ shipping)
  • 6 Months prepay – $167.94 (+shipping)
  • Renews on the 1st of the month of the subscription cycle

Shipping Date:

Around the 15th of each month

My Thoughts:

I’ve been a subscriber of OwlCrate for over two years, and I have been very satisfied with the quality of their products. The few times that I have used their customer service, they have always been helpful and was able to get the situation fixed.

For more detailed photos of some of the items that are included I have unboxings for February, March, April, and May and The Wicked King Box (on Instagram).

Fae Crate

US based and ships internationally

They are a sci-fi and fantasy book box

Fae Crate sends out hints similar to OwlCrate


  • Fae Crate includes 4-6 items per box
  • A new book
    • Sometimes the book is signed while other times a book plate is sent
    • They also have reversable book jackets, foiled covers, or other changes to the book.
    • Each month you also get a code for an ebook on the spoiler card
  • Exclusive Items: Monthly polaroid and coin


  • Unseelie Box:
    • Book
    • Bookish Items
  • Seelie Box:
    • Book
    • Bookish Items
    • T-shirt
  • Shirt Only

Hangover Recovery Kits

  • Special boxes for certain upcoming books
  • Must purchase the recovery kit (not included in subscription)
  • Different Options (prices will vary for both based on the book + shipping)
    • Book and Box
    • Box (Items only)

Payment Plans:

  • Unseelie Box – $33.32 (+ shipping)
  • Seelie Box – $49.98 (+ shipping)
  • T-Shirt Only – $17.76 (+ shipping)
  • You can purchase a one time box or subscribe for the monthly option (renews the 15th of each month and you can skip a month if you want)

Shipping Date:

Around the week of the 20th


So far, I am satisfied with this company. Most of the time the box ships around the 24th/25th of the month. They have had so issues with some of there suppliers in the past delaying both monthly box and hangover kit. They have included unique items like snow globes and regular globes.

More photos of February, March, April, and May monthly boxes and the Defy Me Hangover Recovery Kit

LitJoy Crate

US based and ships international

Also have hints and reveals artists for the upcoming month


  • A new book
    • Normally signed
    • Author Letter
    • Reversable dust jacket
  • Fandom Trading Cards
  • 3-5 Items
  • Also has monthly add ons (prices vary depending on the item but no extra shipping)


  • Book and Box (includes all of the above)
  • Book Only (also includes the trading cards)
  • Items Only (includes trading cards & items)

Payment Plans:

  • There are subscription and one time only (doesn’t renew) options
  • Full Crate (Book & Box)
    • 1 Month – $29.99 (+ shipping)
    • 3 Months – $86.97 (+ shipping)
    • 6 Months – $167.94 (+ shipping)
    • Yearly – $323.88 (+ shipping)
  • Book Only
    • 1 Month – $18.99 (+ shipping)
    • 3 Months – $53.99 (+ shipping)
    • 6 Months – $107.99 (+ shipping)
    • Yearly – $215.88 (+ shipping)
  • Items Only
    • 1 Month – $19.99 (+ shipping)
  • Billed immediately after your first purchase then on the 1st each following subscription cycle

Shipping Date:

Between the 20th and 25th


So far so good! I’ve only had three boxes, but I have been satisfied with the selection of their books and items.

March, April, and May Unboxings with more info on the items inculded.


Luminary is a relatively new book box Base out of the US created by two bookish candle companies: flickthewick and Wick and Fable.


  • A new book with a book plate
  • 4+ Items
  • Monthly Enamel Pin, Character Card, and Candle (Made by either flickthewick or Wick and Fable)


  • Full Box (book and items)

Payment Plans:

  • One Month – $35 (plus shipping)
  • Every 3 Months – $101.32 (plus shipping)
  • Every 6 Months – $195.30 (plus shipping)

Shipping Date:

Around the 20th of the month


So far, I’ve been very impressed with Luminary and the items they have been sending! The candle each month is 4oz and in a glass jar, and they have included a coffee mug, a LARGE wall tapestry, and everything is gorgeously designed! For unboxings, click here!


*No longer in operation. Lisa (the owner of Uppercase) is now focusing on Slyfur – a bookish shop.*

US Based ships to the US and Canada only


  • A signed book
    • Has a bookmark with codes that corresponds to certain page numbers with extras that you can find through their website.
  • Bookish items (normally 1-2)


  • Book & Box
  • Book Only

Payment Plans:

  • Book and Box – $23 + $7.99 (US Shipping)
    • You can earn loyalty points that you can spend on add ons that ship with the following book box.
  • Book Only – $13.99 + $5 (US Shipping)
  • Automatic subscription (that you can cancel – note that if you have points and cancel, you will lose any current points) and renews on the 1st of each month
  • Gift options are available where you pay for so many boxes in advance

Shipping Date:

Ships around the 15th


I like Uppercase but if I had to pick one of the book subscriptions to let go, it would be this one simply because for a few more dollars with shipping I could get a subscription with more items.

Honestly, I’m not sure why people think OwlCrate is so expensive because it’s $29.99 (+shipping) a month (same as LitJoy Crate) and the book and item selection without the shirt from Fae Crate is about $4 more AND OwlCrate on average sends more items than LitJoy. If I had to stay with only one box, it would be OwlCrate hands down. I don’t know if it’s because they have been around longer, so they know how to plan a little bit better, but they seems to be the ones that I would pick every time.

The biggest appeals to me with both Fae Crate and LitJoy is the reversible dust jackets they have. I like the quality of the shirts that Fae Crate has (although it’s longer than the normal t-shirt) and the trading cards that LitJoy sends.

Fae Crate has had some shipping issues in the past. During this past year with all of the snow in the northern months, some of the items were stuck thus causing a delay in the box, the February box arrived in March. Then with their Hangover Recover Boxes, they say to leave two weeks after book publication date for the boxes to ship, well the Defy Me Hangover Box wasn’t shipped until a month after the date because an item. Since then though the monthly boxes hasn’t had any major delays.

Uppercase has had many months over the past year where they have selected the same book as OwlCrate, and the bad thing is that Uppercase has only recently started to give very vague hints about the book they select. I was super close to canceling my subscription with them because I now have two copies of four or five different books. I know because of this problem many people have cancelled their subscription.

There are other boxes like Fairyloot (UK Based), Book of the Month (only sends books), Once Upon a Bookclub (has YA and Adult options), Unplugged (has YA and Adult), Bae Crate (owned by the same people of Fae Crate but has adult romance books), and SpearCraft Box. Then we could go on and talk about subscription boxes that have only bookish items, but we would be here all day.

I’ve wanted to try Once Upon a Bookclub because their items are wrapped in tissue paper and is supposed to be opened when you get to that page in the book for that month. The only problem is that I want to know what i get when I open the box, and I don’t read these books right away because of the reviewing and large TBR.

I hope that today’s post has shed so light on some of the book boxes that are available!

Do you have a book box subscription? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

12 thoughts on “Book Subscription Boxes Recommendations

  1. Great insights!! I don’t currently subscribe to any because I’m trying to help put my son through school without any student loans (with 2 more kids right behind him). BUT, I was just thinking, a box would make a great gift idea, and my mom and hubs are always asking for my bday and Xmas what I want….I always say books but never thought of the boxes. I have been loving the OwlCrate boxes I’ve seen the last several months!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I understand, even though most of my college is paid for through scholarships, there were a good many things that I had to pay for and didn’t realize how expensive they were *sigh*. Your right these boxes do make great gifts. I got an OwlCrate box for valentines a few years back and loved it 😍.


  2. These all look so cool! Being based out in NZ is harder to get boxes, but I’m hoping to get one soon! Thank you for the post, it’s super helpful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! I know!!! Sometimes it’s a lot cheaper to buy a book from a book box that’s is signed (or has a bookplate) and with a possible exclusive cover than buying the book from a retailer!


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