Spooky Halloween Tags

Hey everybody! I’m back again with a compilation of book tags! A couple of weeks ago I did about four tags under the Mega Autumn Book Tag, and I thought I would do something similar with Halloween related tags in particular since it’s next week! I’ll put the tag that I was tagged to do in the very beginning then go through the ones that I’ve seen floating around!

Autumn Candy Tag

Thank you so much Chapel @ Kavordian Library for tagging me to do this!


  • Tag the creator (Haley from The Caffeinated Reader)
  • Tag the person who tagged you
  • Feel free to change the name of the candy
  • Tag whoever you want
  • Have fun!!!

Candy Corn: A Book You Only Read Seasonally

The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones. This book is set in the real world with a paranormal/contemporary vibe that is so unique to the story! Plus James is kinda amazing!

Tootsie Pop: A Book You Enjoyed Reading Slowly

Sorcery of Thorns took me a little while to get through only because I was knee deep in studying, and a lot of the Mortal Instruments took some time to get through because there was so much to learn about the world from the creatures to the politics to the runes to everything in between, so I would often find my self going back to look things up.

Creepy Gummy: The Creepiest Book You’ve Read

I wouldn’t call this book creepy in the sense of a lot of blood and gory but in the sense of uncertainty because there are about a million and one things that could have been going on in the book with events to back up the majority of opinions. Do you know what book I’m talking about? We Were Liars by E. Lockheart. Personally, I feel like it was the MCs subconscious working throughout the book that made her think things to deal with what happened, but after I finished the book, I had watched some booktube reviews of it that left my head spinning.

Hard Candy: A Book That Was Hard to Get Through

Basically every book I’ve read in the ToG series. So, we all know that I’m on the ACOTAR side of the fence, but I tried so hard to go into this series with an open mind, but I STRUGGLED to finish the books that I did in the ToG series.

Jellybeans: A Book That Was Unexpected

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. So, I was (still am) a huge fan of Sarah’s books, so I was so excited at the time of this new book because I had caught up on most of her books. I had watched some reviews of this book after it came out (because this was before I was big in pre-ordering books) and heard some iffy reviews making me put off reading this book. About year goes buy because I bought the paperback version, and I really enjoyed it! Could I tell you exactly what happened in it? No, but it’s one of my favorite books by her!

Spooky Would You Rather Book Tag

This tag was created by The Book Pusher over on booktube!

1. Thriller or Supernatural?

Supernatural. I love a good werewolf story, and I don’t like trillers because I can’t handle the suspense.

2. Ghosts or Zombies?

Oh… I’ll have to go with ghost just because whenever I think of zombies I think of The Walking Dead type zombies and ewww.

3. Vampires or Werewolves?

Werewolves 100%. Don’t get me wrong Damon Salvatore will always hold a special place in my heart but the whole vampire thing has passed for me… although I really want to read The Beautiful.

4. Witches or Demons?

Witches, so I can get rid of the demons .

5. Would you rather read a book with 13 chapters, or a book with a black cat on the cover?

A book with a black cat simply because 13 chapters seem really short and some chapters are only a couple of pages, so would it really be called a book?

6. Would you rather read a spooky book in the dark with only a candle for light, or by yourself in a locked brightly lit room?

Locked in a brightly lit room by myself. Again, I’m a huge scaredy cat, so I’ll imagine things being in the shadows and it just doesn’t sound like a good time.

7. Would you rather face your worst fears, or be trapped in the mind of a killer?

Can I say neither?! I guess I’ll have to face my fears because being trapped in the mind of a killer sounds awful.

8. Would you rather watch a scary movie or read a scary book?

Read a scary book.

9. Would you rather read spooky books during the fall time or all year?

During the fall time, then, I can read whatever I want for the rest of the year.

10. Would you rather read 10 spooky books in October or 10 spooky books all year?

10 spooky books in October because the way my month is currently going, I’d be more than happy to read 10 books even if they are spooky.

Trick or Treat Book Tag

Check Out the Creator Pucks and Paperbacks

Kit Kat Bar: An Anticipated Release (Break Me Off a Piece of That Kit Kat Bar)

I always hate answering this question because my mind always goes blank.

Okay, after consulting my goodreads ‘Want to Read’ list I can’t wait to read: How to Speak Boy by Tiana Smith, Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington, and Echoes between Us by Katie McGarry!

M&Ms: Book With a Colorful Cover

I Love You So Mochi

I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn. This cover just looks so sweet and adorable!

Milky Way: Book That Makes You Feel All Gooey in the Middle.

*tapping chin, trying to think of something that made me get the warm fuzzies*

Match Me If You Can by Tiana Smith and Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry.

Sugar Babies: An Underrated Book or Character

Oh there are so many underrated books! Just to name a few The Sweet Evil Trilogy by Wendy Higgins, The Royals Series by Erin Watt, and My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick!

Sour Patch Kids: Book That Started Off Sour And Ended Up Being Sweet.

The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It’s not that the beginning of the books are bad, it’s just that Daemon was kind of a you know what and it made for a rocky introduction to Katy, but he was able to pull his head out of his you know what and everything gets a lot better.

Hershey Kiss: Your Favorite First Kiss!

Please don’t make me choose. There are so many amazing first kisses, especially in those slow burn friends to lovers and enemy to lovers books!

Favorite Book to Read During Halloween Time?

I don’t know. Possibly some book in the Shadowhunters Chronicles since most of them give me fall vibes (and there’s always a new book coming out).

Universal Monster Tag

I saw this tag over at Witty and Sarcastic Book Club

Dracula – A Book with a Charismatic Villain

Okay, so these characters a more morally gray than ‘villains’ but I’m going to say Rhys from ACOTAR, Warner from Shatter Me, and Noah from the Mara Dyer Series.

The Invisible Man: A book that has more going on than meets the eye

Ryan’s Bed by Tijan. I went into this book thinkink it was a NA contemporary, but let me tell you there are a lot of things going on in this book from mental health issues to grief.

Wolf-Man: A complicated character

Jace Wayland (Herondale, the boy with many last names). I mean this poor guy has been through so many identity crises while trying to save to world.

Frankenstein: A book with a misunderstood character

Can I say about 90% of the characters that I’ve read?

Warner from the Shatter Me Series. It’s not until book 2 or 3 that we learn more about his life and the ways that his father pushed him to be the commander.

The Bride of Frankenstein: A sequel you enjoyed more than the first book

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. Even though this is a companion series and the two books don’t have any connection other than past characters making an appearance. I found this story to be written better with themes that aren’t so cliché.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: An incredibly unique book

I’m going to have to say As She Fades by Abbi Glines. This book kept me thinking about it long after I finished it! I was always feeling something through these characters whether I was laughing, crying, or swooning. Some people may say that it’s an average book with things that they could have seen coming from a mile away, but everything felt so fresh and raw to me.

The Mummy: A book that wraps up nicely (see what I did there?)

Save the Date by Morgan Matson. I feel like Charlie went through so much in the book that she deserved to have a happy ending.

If you complete any of these tags, make sure to tag me so I can read them!

Happy reading until next time,

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