How Has My Reading Changed? Top Ten Tuesday

Hi everyone! How’s it going? This week’s prompt for TTT is how our reading habits have changed over the years! I think this is a great prompt because it allows me the chance to see how much I’ve changed from middle school until now!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by thatartsyreadergirl.


  • Mythology: I think most everyone knows what I’m talking about when I saw mythology and books… yep, you guess it. It’s good ol Percy Jackson. I really think that Percy is the reason as to why I started to develop my love for reading back in middle school. The world of Greek mythology had me entranced by the creatures, gods and goddesses, and the stories that each thing had to tell. It was Seaweed Brains’s story and adventures that showed me that reading is fun and how words have the power to entertain me as a 6th grader.
  • Dystopian/Sci-fi: I’m skipping ahead to 8th and 9th grade because during those years, I was reading a lot of those dystopian books like The Hunger Games, The Program, Divergent, The Testing, and more! This was my first real taste of more fictional worlds that don’t exist and watching them evolve because even though Percy Jackson is a MG Greek mythology book, a lot of it takes place in (then) modern America. I loved the way that the story started off with a world that was in turmoil and reading about the characters becoming the leaders for a change.
  • Fantasy: For a while there were books that were a mash of sci-fi/fantasy that were so popular it introduced me to fantasy elements that I went through the fantasy phase with sorcery and magic to werewolves (which is more of an urban fantasy) to fae to dragons and more (I’m still kind of in right now).
  • Then there’s the contemporary which has always been a kind of go to from the beginning but never been my main reading genre until now. I’m all for a contemporary book now because I just need some sweetness and more realistic storylines with HEA.
  • I’ve also become a lot more adventurous with reading books that are outside of my norm. In the past, I had a bad habit of staying within the genre of that phase I was in without branching out. But now, I try to pick up anything that sounds interesting!

Preferred Method of Reading

  • I used to be a huge ereader back in the day because a) the books are normally cheaper as an ebook (although I always recommend to compare prices because somethings physical books are depending on the retailer) b) you can have as many books as you device will all with the size of the storage of it and c) it’s easier to look through highlighted areas and notes. The only down side to this was that my middle school didn’t allow for us to bring electronic devices to class, so I would have to check the book out from the library to be able to read during free time.
  • Now I read about 95% of my books through paperback and hardcover. I’m one of those people who loves to collect books that I want to read. It’s one of those joys in life to be able to walk into my bedroom and just look at my bookcases with all of my books and bookish items on them. Over the past couple of years, it was exclusively physical copies, but now that I’ve gotten into reviewing books, I have to be a little more flexible with my options because authors are quicker to send out ebooks.
  • I’ve also started to listen to audiobooks lately. Is it my favorite way to read? No, but I think it’s because it’s a new format that I’m not used to.

Extras while Reading

  • More recently, I’ve been lighting a candle while I read because it helps me relax and focus on the book a little bit better.
  • Music – this has always been one of the constants in my reading habits, but the taste in music has changes slightly. Now I listen to more pop, electronically influenced music, and a lot more rock and alternative music.

How I’ve been Reading

  • I’m quicker now to put a book down 50 or 100 pages into it since my reading time is so sparse that I don’t what to spend time making myself read a book that isn’t holding my attention. In the past I used to spend so much time making myself finish a book because I felt like I had to finish one book before moving on to another one.

How have your reading habits changed over the years? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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