Bookish Things I’m Grateful For: TTT

Hi everyone! This week’s TTT is Thankful Freebie, so that means that there is an endless possibility of things that I can talk about! I don’t have a set list of things that I want to discuss in the post, instead, I’m just going to write about any of the book themes/characters/tropes/bookish goodies/etc. that comes to mind as I type this! I’m hoping that it won’t be a hot mess!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by thatartsyreadergirl!

Book Community

Like many other aspects of life, there’s that group of people who build you up and want to see you do and be the best that you can. I’m so grateful for everyone in the book community that has encouraged me through reading and supporting me with my blog and bookstagram. Before the end of last year, I had never been an active part of this community because I didn’t have any social medias or blog, but over the past year, I have met so many wonderful people who loves to read and want to support one another!

Books that Deal with Adoption and Foster Care

I’ll be honest, I feel like these topics aren’t covered as much as they should in the YA book world right now, but I’m super grateful for the ones that I have read. As a young adult who was adopted as a baby, it’s always one of those moments where I don’t feel alone in this part of my life. I know that every person who has been adopted or in foster care has a different experience and emotions regarding their time, but I feel like it’s such an eye opener for those who aren’t and let’s them know some of the things that we feel and go through.

Ghost Bird Series by C.L. Stone

This is one of those books that I love because one of the biggest themes that it talks about is that family is about those who you truly care about and not necessarily made of those who share the same blood as you. All of these characters have had (and still are going through) difficult times, and it’s those struggles that bind them together in a unique family.

The Bookworm Crush by Lisa Roberts Brown

I recently read this book, and I love it because it’s about a shy bookworm that has to come out of her comfort zone with the help of her coach (whose also her crush). Sure, it may be a little cliché, but it’s a really cute and fun story that shows the power of the quite booknerds.

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim

I’m grateful for this book because it’s a Mulan retelling and the fact that it’s an Asian fantasy book. Growing up, Mulan was the only Asian Disney princess, so I instantly wanted to read this book when I found out that this was a loose retelling. Over the years, the book world has been producing more Asian MC, but this is one of the first fantasy books that I’ve read where the MC is Asian and honestly I felt so loved in those moments where I was reading it because Elizabeth knew what I needed even when I didn’t.  

Jennifer L. Armentrout

If you don’t know, Jennifer is one of my absolute favorite authors of all time; she’s on my auto-buy list. She is one of those extraordinary authors who is able to write books in a range of genres and for different ages. All of the books that I’ve read be her gave me all of the feels from the romance to the adventure to the struggles that the characters face. Plus, all of the guys are super swoon worthy (which never hurt anyone)!

Authors that Take a Chance on Me

As a newish blogger and reviewer, it’s always an honor when an author big or small puts their trust in me by allowing me to read/review their book or help promote it in some way.

My Bookcases

Yes, I’m grateful for them because they show my history as a reader, and it shows my personality. All of the books hold a piece of me and some of the history of my life because even the books that I didn’t like helped me get through whatever was happening at that time. I’m also grateful that I have the ability to pursue a hobby that I love and have a way to show it.

Book Boyfriends

Y’all I’m super grateful for all of the book boyfriends out there because y’all know that I don’t have time for an actual boyfriend while I’m in Nursing school! I love them all from their sarcasm to the nerdiness (well some of them) to their weird habits to everything in between! And, the best part of having a book boyfriend is that I can just close the book if they get super annoying!

What are some things you’re grateful for in the book world? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

11 thoughts on “Bookish Things I’m Grateful For: TTT

  1. I wrote my TTT all about being thankful for the bookish community too. It’s such a wonderfully accepting place isn’t it. I love your post and all the personal little bookish aspects you’re thankful for. And OMG your bookshelves are absolute #goals SOOOO gorgeous!!!! :))))

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