5 Reasons I Love Reading Tag | Blogmas Day 2

I was tagged a while back to do this tag by A Bookish Chick! Thank you so much for the tag because it’s always fun to step back and realize why I love reading so much!


  • Tag the who created the tag (A Bookish Chick)
  • Write the five reasons you love reading
  • Tag five people or however many you want

It allows for me to take a break from reality. I think a lot of people like to read because it allows them to step back from the real world and live in worlds where everything is perfect or in worlds that requires people to rebuild them from nothing to every other thing in between. Over the past four month reading has become even more of an escape for me because my free time has been drastically reduced, so any time I have, I spend it relaxing from my worries by jumping into someone else’s story.

Reading is my favorite form of entertainment. Many people in my family love to watch television or play games or stay connected to their phone or computer (which I like to do but not to that scale), but reading is something that I prefer to do over watching TV. And since I read physical books most of the time, all I need is light to keep me content without bothering others with the sound that TV and games emits.

Reading allowed me to talk to others. During school, I was that quite kid that kept mainly to herself, but once you started to bring up a book, I was suddenly talking a mile a minute. Over the past year, it has allowed me the opportunity to do somethings I love (reading, duh) and spread it with others on a much larger scale and help authors in the process!

I love collecting books that I’ve read and putting them on my bookcases. Yes, I even put the books that I didn’t like on my bookcase because each book is a journey that I took. I love looking back on all of the memories that the pages between the book hold every now and then and reflect on these memories and the things that was happening to me during my life.

Reading lets me travel to different places in the world. Being in a small town in the south, we don’t get much excitement, so books allow me to travel to different parts of the world (and fictional worlds) that I probably won’t get the chance to go to during my early adult life. I get to live the full experience with some of these books that helps calm that travel bug that hits every so often.

If you complete this tag, make sure to tag me so I can read about some of the reasons you read!

Why are some of the reasons that you read? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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