My Review Writing Process | Blogmas Day 6

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would talk about how I write my reviews! Before I get into my process, I want to talk about some types of reviews and things I’ve seen in my short time of blogging and review.

Short Rant: Everyone has their own style of reviewing and NO ONE should be shamed for the layout of their review. I had seen a tweet a while back where there was some one talking about how reviews of something similar to an extent review shouldn’t be considered a review. Now I’ll be honest, a few of my first reviews were like this because I was exploring my reviewing style, so maybe I’m more empathetic since I was one of those people writing a review similar to an excerpt. But, some books you don’t want to say to much about the book because it’s better to go in without much information. It can be difficult for some people to put themselves out on the internet and just share their thoughts about something and then to have people say that their content is bad is so hurtful and uncalled for. *Thank you for letting me let that out before I get started*

There are a bunch of different things that can be covered in a book review from characters (like personality and traits), trigger/content warnings, writing style of the author, format of the book, plot development to many other things.

When I write my reviews, I try to make the post completely about the book itself (and the author when I’m participating in a blog tour/cover reveal – anything more than just a review) some people like to add this information to their review. I try to reframe from keeping my normal beginning life update out of the review post just because to me the main point of the review is to highlight the book (and author).

I’d say that I begin about 75% of my reviews on my ipad just because I have it with me more than my laptop then I email it to myself to finish it on my computer so I can finish it and get it edited to post on wordpress. Whenever I write my reviews, I like to keep the book next to me in case I want to pull a quote for my review or so I can flip through it to refresh my memory on certain parts to make sure I have the right info.

The layout of my reviews are always the same with the title and author at the very top then the synopsis followed by my rating and the review (then a playlist if I was able to think of songs that goes with the book). I find this to be the best format for me because I honestly don’t read people’s thoughts on books that I want to read because I don’t want to be spoiled/biased. So, I generally stop after I see the star rating since I trust many of these people and their review/star system, and I go back to read their thoughts after I finish the book, and that’s why I have my posts set up like I do. I try not to spoil anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled if I can help it.

After the synopsis and the star rating, I put the ‘If You Like: x, y, &/or z, Then You’ll Like This Book’ if I have it or jump straight into the review.

My reviews don’t have a consistent pattern to them. I honestly talk about whatever flows out of my brain. I feel like so many people think that all of their reviews have to follow the same ‘formula’ that they hit the roadblock of writing when they are unable to write what they want and get discouraged if they can’t follow their system.

Over my blogging career, I’ve have had a wide range of reviews that have had a bunch of different styles. My first review was one were I had talked about all of the tropes in the book (Kissing Max Holden); then in my review of Warcross, it was me rambling on about Hideo (and tbh, it wasn’t very good because it was all over the place). In Match Me If You Can, it was similar to Warcross, but it was more coherent and put together. Some of the reviews I’m really proud of are Sorcery of Thorns and Spin the Dawn because I talk about the plot AND characters more thoroughly.

When I go to sit down to write a review, I go in with an open mind to try to thinking about all the things I want to talk about and see if I can write about the plot, writing style, or other things that people would expect in a book review, but in the end I write about the things that comes to mind and are things that I can talk about with having a 30 minute rant.

I love to include shortish quotes because sometimes a short quote can make a person what to read the book more than a review or it helps backup some of my points or to show the personality of the characters.

I also have a tendency to include playlists with my reviews that revolve around the book and it’s themes! I love to have them because where my reviews may lack the playlist makes up for it.

What are some of the things you include in you book reviews? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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