Beacon Book Box Unboxing December 2019 | Blogmas Day 16

Hi everyone! How’s day going? I just finished a book for a blog tour that I’m participating in tomorrow, and I’m so emotional right now that I needed a few moments before I write my review!

Yesterday, my first ever Beacon Book Box came! I bought this box because I heard that they were including 3 books (1 hardcover and 2 ebooks), so I thought that I might as well try them out. Let me just tell you, they didn’t disappoint me either!

The thee for this month is Deceptive Dangers.

Top Left: As Above Skin Curse Bookmark
Bottom Left: The Wrath of Dawn inspired Candle by Novelly Your – it smells like peaches!
Top Right: Scythe inspired Bath Salts
Middle Right: Lord of the Rings Apron designed by Kitster Cronk
Bottom Right: Monthly Spoiler Card
Top Left: Shadow and Bone inspire Ornament designed by Little Bearries
Bottom Left: Christmas Village Book Sleeve
Right: Shadows Voice Bookmark
Book of the Month: This Will Kill That by Danielle K. Roux that is signed, has an exclusive cover, and sprayed edges (which has a black-purple, metallic look)
Bottom Left: Character Card inspired by Marrow Charm by Kristin Jacques (one of the included ebooks)
Bottom Right: City of Bones inspired Art Print with Beacon’s Monthly Recipe Card
Full Unboxing

Happy reading until next time,

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