Entwined Paths eARC Review with Playlist

Entwined Paths (Swift Shadows Book 2) by [greye, m.l.]

*I received an eARC of this book to review by the author*

Entwined Paths by m.l. greye

Book 2 of Swift Shadows Series

Now Available

For my review of book 1 Of Rioters and Royals, click here.


“Royals support the crown.

Rioters wish to tear it down.

Five years ago, Emry was mourning the loss of her only brother and feeling utterly helpless. When the opportunity arose to travel to the exotic nation of Heerth, Emry jumped on it. Through the help of her friend, Trezim, she learned the skills needed to protect herself and possibly save her country.

The past five years have gone a little differently for Declan. He has been kidnapped, beaten, stolen, robbed of all that he had … and trained to become the fastest man in history. But was it all worth it in the end?

Set in a world where eye color determines one’s abilities, Emry and Declan must discover the hard way that not all eyes are created equally. Yet, when they do find their perfect match, everything seems to pair up nicely.”


4.25 Stars

It all makes sense now! Well most of it, I’m still processing some of the stuff that I read. But a lot of the things that happened in book one, became clear from the stuff that Declan did at ‘camp’ that made him stronger in his abilities to Emry’s own chain of events that caused her to want to be a better ruler for her people than her father.

When I first started to read this book, I was taken back a little because I didn’t expect this whole book to be told from the five years prior to when Of Rioters & Royals picked up, but I’m glad that we got this book!

It shows the determination of Emry and everything she has to loose if she isn’t careful with her ever evolving plans to make herself able to protect herself but one day her people. She has always lived life by not doing everything expected of a princess of her country, so it’s so surprise that she jumps on the opportunity to travel to Heerth. It’s there that she realizes that her father is more of a public figure than an actual king, letting his adviser and noblemen of different cities make the laws and oversee what’s fit.

“She would give everything she had to try to save Enlennd from a tragic future. Even if it meant giving her own life. Her own soul. She just hoped that if it came to that, she would be enough.”

During her year in Heerth, Emry expands not only her knowledge of the Heerth’s culture, but her physical abilities by learning how to fight with staffs and the battle dance Turanga. She pushes herself day after day, so she could protect herself with physical weapons instead of the powers that her silver eyes gives her making her want to give in to the darkness and become something she can’t recovery from after using it to much. Emry also becomes closer to a certain golden headed prince but we shan’t talk about that (hahaha).

After her year long trip, she comes back to her home and sees all of the flaws. Emry takes it upon her self to travel to different places around her country. While traveling, she grow worried about the common peoples’ feelings toward those higher up and the treats of war from other countries if they see how disconnected Enlennd’s people are. Emry decides to do something by trying to unite those people who are willing to take a stand.

“She was an idealist – willing to do what it took to make Enlennd strong again.”

Declan on the other hand has been captured into a twisted camp that wants to make the strongest soldiers alive by pushing them to their limits day after day. He has to fight and kill others in this place just to be allowed access to the minimal amount of daily essentials. During his time he is pushed to his breaking point but is able to hold onto his sanity a little longer because his dreams of Emry gives him a small sliver of hope and life that keeps him from turning into the empty shell of a warrior the leaders want.

Honestly, I’m glad that this story (aka the before) came out after Of Rioters and Royals (the present day story) because I felt like since I already had a strong connection with the characters, I was able to appreciate the heartache and trials that Emry and Declan went through and suffered prior to the other sufferings in the first book. It’s like the storm cloud has parted and the events from book one came rushing back at me and it was all connecting. Throughout Entwined Paths I wanted nothing more to reread the first book to see how these events had shaped the characters into who they later become.

“She loved him with all that she was. Every fiber of her being. Every breathe. Every heartbeat. Declan owned her soul.”

In this attention grabbing second story, greye had me feeling the desperation and bone deep tiredness Declan felt many nights in his captivity after causing pain. I felt the hope of Emry when she was leaving how to fight, her joy when she first sights the brights color and tasted the bold food of Heerth, and her wanting for a better life. This epic book is filled with travel and adventure, growth, testing times, hope, and a little romance.


  • In My Blood by Shawn Mendes
  • Out on the Town by fun.
  • Missing You by The Vamps
  • Story of Another Us by 5SOS
  • Same Mistakes by One Direction
  • Heavy by Linkin Park
  • 21 Guns by Green Day
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • Never Be the Same by Camila Cabello

Happy reading until next time,

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