The Realm eARC Review

The Realm by Leigh Walker

Available: January 10, 2020

*I received an eARC of this book to review*


He wants to make me his queen. The problem? I’m an heiress. And he’s…a beast.

I mean he is really a beast, a werewolf to be precise. I’m the first to admit that I’m born to be royalty, but this wasn’t exactly how I’d pictured it!

Rhys is about to be crowned king of the Realm, and he wants me to rule by his side. He said if I refuse, he’ll have the prince “gift” me to him. The nerve! One thing the new king needs to learn? I don’t take orders—not from him, not from anyone. But when Rhys makes it a contest and invites other women to audition to be his bride, he gets my ire up. I don’t know if I’m meant to marry a werewolf, but I do know that I was born to win. I’ll show that beast what I’m made of—I’ll make him sit, beg and heel. So may the best woman win. 

And since I’m already certain that’s me, I’m all for it… Let the games begin!

*This is a brand-new series that is part of the Vampire Royals world. You do not need to read Vampire Royals in order to read this book. Enjoy!”


4.5 Stars

If you like:

  • Vampires & Werewolf
  • Royals
  • Selection like Dating Shows
  • Hot Guys
  • Strong Female MC

The Realm is a quick, fun read that will have you swooning faster than Tamara would care to admit over a certain werewolf, laughing, and wishing you were right there in the garden watching the gnomes roll around in the grass and between bushes. I read this book in less than a day and let me tell you, I need the next book in my life ASAP because to be honest Rhys has my heart.

It’s true that this story follows the events of Vampire Royals which is a 5 book series about a different character that makes an appearance in The Realm, but that series follows the path of winning a vampire’s heart. I haven’t read that book, but still enjoyed this story a lot, so there’s the proof that it’s not a must for you to read that book series to fall in love with Tamara and Rhys.

I try not to judge characters based on their name, but by the time I got to ‘Rhys’ in the synopsis, I was sold because well, if you know you know. Let me just say that personally, the name ‘Rhys’ has a lot of expectations, so it takes a lot of different traits to live up to you know who. Rhys in The Realm did a pretty good job of living up to my ‘Rhys’ standards. He’s caring, loyal, protective, smart, funny, and has a lot of innuendos; plus, he’s a werewolf. Sure he has some unusual ways of showing his feelings, but its because he was raised differently and essentially has a different lifestyle prior to the one he has in this book.

Tamara is a smart and fierce, goal driven woman. She’s the human ambassador with plans on how to make the world better. She has this idea of what her perfect guy should be in her head and is running out of time to find a suitable date to her best friend’s wedding. So, needless to say when Prince Austin mentioned the werewolf who has a nasty habit of not wearing a shirt and shoes, well… things get interesting really fast.

She likes for everything in her life to be up to her standards, and because of that, Tamara has a hard time understanding her feelings towards Rhys who’s the opposite of everything she dream of her dream man being. It’s seems as if she has a fear of contentment and that’s the reason she keeps giving half answers and pushing Rhys away despite him promising the world to her.

Yes, he can be a bit much times, but Rhys pays attention to Tamara and the things that she likes and does and tries his best to make them happen. Towards the end of the book, he has a lot going on with his coronation to the competition to find his queen (which is a situation all of its own because everyone is in it to win).

The more time that Tamara and Rhys spend together, the more Tamara starts to think that it might not be her werewolf allergies that makes her skin hot and tingly when she’s around him. It’s then that she has to decide if she wants to spend her life with him or if she’s going to let him pass by despite his ways of showing her that he cares.

Happy reading until next time,

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