Royally Hitched eARC Review

Royally Hitched: The Fae Prince: (The Dark Fae Series, Book 1) by [DeRosa, G.K.]

*I received an eARC of this book to review*


A fight to the death… 

Or at least that’s what it feels like when my twin sister and I are pitted against a dozen ruthless Fae females in a competition to marry the Spring Court prince. On live television.

If we can survive eight weeks on Royally Hitched, we’ll earn our freedom and a one-way ticket home to the human world. 

All we have to do is play nice with the mean girls and stuck up ice prince. Oh, did I mention we shouldn’t even be here since we’re not actually Fae? Well, no one knows that—yet. 

As girls are eliminated and the competition heats up, things take a lethal turn. Someone wants the prince dead, and we all become targets. When he’s almost killed, unexpected feelings come over me. Panic. Pain. Sadness. The idea of losing him actually hurts. 

And what’s worse… my sister feels the same way.”


4.75 Stars

If you like:

  • Fae Princes Who Are Mysterious and Brooding
  • Reality Dating Shows
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Slowish Burn Romance

Then this book is for you!

I feel like I said this in my review of Darkblood Academy but being back in the world where the Hitched Series takes place is like seeing old friends that I didn’t know I needed to see! Royally Hitched is the first book in The Dark Fae Series is set in the same world as The Hitched Series and The Half-Blood Series but can be read independently from those series although some things would make more sense of would be clearer. I would recommend to read The Hitched series before this one if you are interested in jumping into this world since I feel like that series would be spoiled the most because of not only the supernatural world and the stuff that happens to the Faes, but it’s completely up to up!

Royally Hitched is old from Prince Drake, Arabella, and Tempest’s POV which I find really interesting since the other stories are told from the perspective of the female main character.

Drake is the younger brother to the king of the Winter Fae. He’s known for his cold personality like his home court and seems to have a past involving a relationship that still haunts him. Despite his tough exterior, he has moments where his walls slip enough to catch something other than a prince going through the motions. Drake is cute (and definitely swoon worthy), snarky and sarcastic, cunning, and caring despite his cold persona that he puts up.

“Drake cleared his throat. “It’s considered rude to manhandle a prince without at least buying him dinner first.”

Arabella is the twin with the warm personality who is able to charm most anyone (who isn’t competing for Drake’s love), while Tempest is the fiery one who is quick to react and has a sharp tongue that could get them in trouble. They both go into the competition on a mission and it has nothing to do with either of them trying to win the heart of the prince. They have to endure the whole thing from the dates with a hot prince who is so hot and cold to etiquette lesson to the cutthroat girls who stop at nothing to be the last one standing. Yet, as they each spend time with him on dates and stolen moments, they both start to fall for him despite their secret that could get them kicked out of the competition… or worse.

The competition starts to heat up when Drake is drawn to both of the sisters and when attempts at his life starts to affect different girls in the show that could be anyone from a long list of people that not only want him gone but his brother who is relatively new to the throne.

I’ll be honest, as much as I hate to say it. I’ve been rooting for one of the sisters to end up with the prince since the very beginning. Both of the sisters are wonderful and could easily end up with Drake, but from the first time I met them, I’ve been praying that it’s Tempest who ends up with him. Maybe it’s because she’s the one who is quicker to act without thinking about the consequences right away or maybe it’s her sass that plays so well with Drake’s humor. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it’s her who wins in the end. (I’m also hoping that whoever doesn’t end up with the prince catches the eyes of an equally attractive and caring fae… one can hope!)

Can I also say that I may love this book more than The Hitched Series? I really think it’s because it was from swoon overload with the Fae, dragon shifters, angles, and every other guy that has amazing personalities while in that series who was competing for Kimmie’s attention; while in this book there is one clear love interest and I don’t have to worry about which guy one of the girls will end up with.

Royally Hitched is a fast paced story about a prince who begrudgingly accepts to have a competition aired across the whole world to find a wife. What he doesn’t expect is to have not one but two of the competitors catch his eye and makes the cold prince a little less icy. While Arabella and Tempest are in a similar situation where they enter with anterior motives and think this would be easy since the prince is known to be heartless but little do they know that their world it about to change for better or worse.

Happy reading until next time,

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