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Hi everyone! Hope y’all are doing well! The last couple of days has been kind of crazy because I was studying for a test that I took today, and I was doing some stuff bookstagram related. And, I’m so excited to same that I’m an influencer for JKB Designing which is a bookmark shop based out of the UK! You can use LAUREN10 to save on your purchase. I just bought some bookmarks today and can’t wait for them to come because they’re so cute and bright! Don’t forget that I’m also an influencer for SRBookworm Candle Co and use can use LAUREN11 to save on some bookish candles!

Getting back on track. The last couple of posts I wrote that aren’t the usual book review/weekly release/ TTT was so much fun like my dream book that I’d write and some bookstagram things that everyone should know but sometimes you need an easier post to write to keep from getting burnt out. So that’s what led me on my journey to find a book tag and I remembered that The Caffeinated Fae did this tag a couple of days and it looked like it would be fun!

1. What do you like about buying new books?

I love the process of finding a book with the anticipation of finding my next five star book! Before I started blogging and even before I used the internet as a source of finding new books, I can remember spending an hour (as a quick trip to the bookstore) and just looking at covers and reading synopses and having fun at being able to just being in my own little world with hundreds of books and searching for that hidden gem.

2. How often do you buy new books?

Not including my monthly book boxes…I might splurge once a month and buy some books depending on what else I’m purchasing that month. It depends on if I can guess the book that the boxes are going to include to if there’s anything that really catches my attention to the point of I can’t live without it to different versions of the book being released. There’s obviously a lot of factors that go into it!

3. Bookstore or online book shopping: which do you prefer?

There’s pros and cons to both. A bookstore allows you to have the books now (plus, there’s something magically about being surrounded by books even if you’re at BAM or B&N), while online shopping is normally cheaper (plus Book Outlet is the best for finding cheap books) and you can use websites like Raukten to save a little extra. And online stores have a large inventory of titles that most stores don’t have the space for and you can find some amazing indie authors (because not everyone has a local indie bookstore in a reasonable radius). The bad thing is that you have to wait for the books to arrive.

My final answer is online book shopping because a lot of the time I can buy ore books than I could in store.

4. Do you have a favorite bookshop?

I don’t have any small local bookstores in my town, so I have to go to Books a Million if I want to go? I love the layout of BAM (and their prices) over Barnes and Noble (although I do like their special edition books). I feel like I can never find what I’m looking for in B&N!

5. Do you pre-order books?

Sometimes. If it’s a book from one of my autobuy authors! I also have a habit of preordering books if it has a cool preorder incentive…

6. Do you have a monthly buying limit?

I’d say I budge out about $30 for books and bookish items, but I also have a bad habit of talking myself into buying special edition book boxes (like 2 different boxes from Chain of Gold, Imagine Me, and the 10th anniversary of the Iron Fey). Some months I say well within my budget while others I throw caution o the wind.

7. How big is your wish list?

Surprisingly my list isn’t that long. There’s books that I want, but I also have over 300 books in my bedroom that I haven’t read yet, so I have to be careful with my book buying.

8. Which three books from your wish list do you wish to own right now?

The special edition of ACOTAR, Crave by Tracy Wolff, and Together We Caught Fire By Eva V. Gibson!

I’m tagging you! If you do this tag make sure to tag me in the post so I can end it!

Happy reading until next time,

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