Spilling the Tea: Blogging, Bookstagramming, and Upcoming Sequels

Hi everyone! We’re half way done with the week! Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to post today, I’ve been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award again which is mind boggling, so I might do that later today since I have a couple of book boxes coming tomorrow and Friday.

Anyway, I want to just talk about some things that pertain to blogging, bookstagramming, and some highly anticipated upcoming books. I’ve been apart of both communities for about a year and a half, so I’m not an expert in a lot of the unspoken rules that people have come up over the years and expect newbies to know when they first start.

It may be my age that makes me feel like these bookish communities should be more inclusive to everyone and stop making things so difficult for everyone to keep up with. Or maybe it’s from me growing up as a minority and wanting everyone to feel included in something so magical. But honestly, there are some really rude people in this community, and it can make it so hard to want to share your love for books when there’s a handful of people who write something mean about you and your thoughts.


  • I’ll be honest, it can feel impossible to get your foot in the ground with this community because I feel like to be a ‘successful’ (using that term as in getting blog traffic) you have to do a lot of cross posting where you talking about it on different platforms because who really go on their blog host and start looking for blogs (plus there are so many spam websites that it can be discouraging to try to look for them through your website/blog provider).
    • Then, if you’re using the free version for you blog, it’s impossible to know how to improve your search engine optimization because you can’t use plugins (at least in know that’s how it is on WordPress).
    • My blog is my little niche where I primarily talk about my love for books and spread different titles in general, so it doesn’t really bother me when I don’t have a really high number of views. I have my personal goal of what I’d like to get daily because I’ve been blogging long enough to know statistically what an average number of views I’d get and if I go over it that’s great but if I don’t I know that at the end of the day it’s just a number.
  • Unboxings: I love being able to get book boxes and get some amazing books and items. I buy the boxes for myself (I’m not just buying boxes for views because there are other things that I’d spend my money on than boxes that don’t interest me), and I love posting unboxings for others to see and help those try to decide if a particular company if worth them looking into and at times they do help with some traffic, but I’ll be honest y’all, these boxes can add up quickly. I had done a google doc a while back and had asked what type of post y’all would like to see more of and the majority had said unboxings… well like I had just said, these prices add up quickly and I don’t have any of those accounts where you can ask for donations to keep my blog running, so this is all coming from my pocket. I budget out so much money a month to buy my boxes because I love having something to look forward to in the month.
    • With that being said, if you want to know more about a particular box, I’d be more than happy to try and help you figure out if it is something that you might want to purchase.
  • Tags: So apparently there are people who feel like book tags are ‘filler’ posts and would like to see less of them on my blog. Now, I am fully aware that I put the word ‘Review’ in the title of my blog’s name because at the time, I didn’t know that there were other posts that are considered ‘book blog relatable’. I love a good tag. They don’t take that long to put together, fun to do, and you can see how people interpret things differently. Sure some people love to have answers that are short and to the point, but I try to use each question as a prompt and try to answer it like a discussion question. Is there anything wrong with having a blog with a bunch of tags or having shorter answers? No because everyone is different and there are no rules to blogging.


  • This is the tea that I really wanted to spill. So you know how there are those bookstagram engagement groups where you have to DM somebody to enter (if there’s room) and you have to like, comment, share, etc. everyone’s photos that are tagged under that account? I’ll be honest, these groups are harder than trying to get in with the popular. I got into one group a couple of months ago and read the rules where it said that I had to comment; well, committing on stuff scares the living daylight out of me, IDK why (it could very well be my introverted personality and talking to people that I’ve never talked to before). I had thanked the person for accepting me into the group and told them that I didn’t have time to commit to the group like I needed, and the person was really nice about it and said that I could rejoin at a later time. I was supper cool with how that turned out.
    • Well, about two weeks ago, I was accepted into another group where they had DMed me the rules and the only requirements to stay in the group was to like each other’s photos (and don’t tag rep searches). This was more my speed. I was in it for all of two and a half days. The Sunday night, I had tagged an unboxing photo (yes it had slipped my mind that they said no rep searches), well I knew that I couldn’t tag one of the public groups that I was in, so I went to the private group feed where the rules are and there wasn’t anything in the post that didn’t say anything about not tagging rep searches in any of the six photos that they had about the group, and there was another rep search photo that was tagged on the page. Well Monday morning, I woke up to comments on my photo and a DM from the group (also let me tell you that there are two admins to this particular group). The one admins had commented on my post tagging the other admin to “remove that person” from the group. Then tagged the other admin again because action wasn’t taken quick enough for this person. In the message from the DM, the person was all but yelling at me by using a bunch of all capped words. I explained that it was an honest mistake and that there was another rep search in the tagged section making me think it was ok. Apparently in this group there’s two strikes and you’re out kind of thing. Well idk about you, but I don’t want to be in a group or associated with anyone who has such little empathy from referring to me as ‘that person’ with such ferocity (because even though I’m only 20, I have rights and a name).
    • I had thanked the person for letting me join the group, but decided that I didn’t want to be in the group anymore after how this was handled because I don’t consider myself to be a difficult person and if one of the admins or even the engagement group page had DMed me asking me to untag them, I would have done it (and I told the admins that in my departing DM). I mean why would I want to be in a group who was lead by a person who wants to yell and belittle a person for making an honest mistake. If it was a reoccurring issue, that’s one thing but for a first time accident, I think some priorities are out of order.
    • Well, later that Monday, I went onto an app that I use to check my followers and stuff, and the app tells you when someone blocks you. I don’t pay for that feature, but it was pretty obvious who it was. I then checked on the IG app and indeed, it was the admin that had committed on my photo to begin with. Idk why this person felt the need to block me because I’m not petty enough to do something or slide in her DMs and tell her off for how she had talked to me.
    • My point is: be careful with these groups because even though it’s a good way to increase you likes and comment, there are a lot of people who can be rude and make you rethink the whole bookstagram thing.

Upcoming Sequels:

  • Well this first one isn’t a sequel, but a book that is getting yet another cover change. We all know the original ACTOR cover with about half of Feyre on the cover with her outfit with the feathery like sleeve and arm tattoo. Then, in October/November of last year, the collector’s edition was released with the ribbon bookmark and artwork and stuff (no I still don’t have it yet). Well, a couple of weeks ago, they are redoing the covers yet again, and well… the book community seems pretty torn. I’m not feeling it. I think these new covers are trying to entice adults and those who are afraid to read a book that is marketed as YA even though it’s a NA book.

On to the actual sequels.

  • ACOTAR book number #4… So, although I absolutely love the ACOTAR series with Feyre and Rhys, I don’t know how I feel about these upcoming books being about the sisters. Yes, I love Cassian and Azriel, but does it really have to be about the sisters? I wasn’t the biggest fan of them, plus I feel like there’s so much more to Feyre and Rhys’s story that needs to focus on them and not have them as the side characters.
  • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins: Honestly, I’m probably not going to read this book. When the title and cover of this book was released, everyone thought it was about going to be about Mags, then we got the synopsis and the ENTIRE community went nuts because we found it was about none other than Snow when he was younger. It’s partly because of Snow being the main character since I have a bad habit for falling for the main guy and I already have this persona built for him through the original three books, but also it’s been 7 years since I read Mockingjay and I’ll be honest, the ship has sailed for me reading another Hunger Games book. (and watch, I’ll buy the book and love it and possibly Snow)
  • Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare: In the beginning, I wasn’t going to buy this book. I was ready to skip over this new series since I’m not the biggest fan of historical fiction books, but there was the bonus story about Will and Tessa and I was like ugh I have to have this book now! I also finally read the entire synopsis and wanted to read the actual story, so that’s how I ended up buying two different editions of this box…

Happy reading until next time,

23 thoughts on “Spilling the Tea: Blogging, Bookstagramming, and Upcoming Sequels

  1. I’m not going to deny that the bookish community is a bit weird at times. As I’m on a tight budget, I can’t afford the book boxes, especially as I live in Norway and the government has made some new rules in regards of taxes on international packages (with the new taxes, I would pay $40+ just for the taxes, and that excludes the payment for the actual box and shipping).

    Personally, I do actually love doing various tags as it gives me a bit of variety in the posts. And when it comes to Bookstagram groups and such, I just stay out of it and just post on my feed. I’ve occasionally joined a book photo challenge though.

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    • It’s awful that the taxes have been raised to the point that it costs as much as the box itself! I’m glad that your able to stay out of the drama of bookstagram and able to be yourself!


  2. I had no idea that there are bookstagrammer groups! And that the rules are so strict! Wow!

    I agree with you about the new Hunger Games book – I remember when it was first announced and everyone on twitter was so thrilled that we’re getting a Mags book, but it ended up being a President Snow book. I honestly have no interest in reading it – there’s really no point, we know how his character will develop. I really dislike the villain trend.

    I’ve been reading a lot of reviews, and apparently CoG is Cassie’s best yet! She does get better every book, so I’ve pre-ordered a copy.

    Just followed – I love your blog! ❤

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    • Thank you!!! Yea the bookstagram group accounts can get a bit crazy at times! There’s smaller things where there’s about 10-15 people in a DM group chat where we send photos and it’s a lot better!


  3. Interesting post, Lauren. The community is one of my favourite things about blogging, but it is sad that a small minority can be unkind. Your blog is excellent and you should be very proud of it – I use free WordPress and it is just a great space to talk about books and the other things I like

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  4. Great posts! Although I have not had the exact same experience as you have, I can really understand it! I feel that a lot of people do not realise how they come across on the internet. So while they are not intensionally acting rude or mean that is how they come across. Others however are unfortunately just tactless, rude and just out to pick a fight.

    One thing I have experienced though is that a lot of people are so concerned about numbers (both followers and comments/likes), and get really mad if you don’t give them a like/comment back if they first commented on yours. If someone demands a comment/like/follow and not “allowing” you to do it just because you want to and actually interested in their content, then it takes away the fun of it. At least that’s my opinion! =)

    Luckily these people are in minority though and there are a great amount of awesome people in the book blogger community 😀

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    • Thank you! I know in the beginning, it felt like there were a lot of people of there for the like/ follow back or else they’ll unfollow, but luckily that trend has kind of gone away for the current moment!

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  5. I love book tags, it’s so much fun to answer all the questions and usually tags are all so different and have unique questions.

    I probably would prefer to read about Feyre and Rhys again in the next ACOTAR books too. I was so surprised when it was announced the new Hunger Games was about Snow, I feel like we could’ve had so many other interesting stories set in this world instead. I can’t wait for Chain of Gold to be released!

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  6. Ok, wow. I can’t even relate to half of what you said because I don’t do unboxing or have a bookstagram, but… I mean, I read this and felt a weight lift from my shoulders. It must be so good to let your thoughts freely out like this. I admire you for doing it.

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