Where Have I Been + February 2020 Wrap-Up and Haul

Hi everyone! Hopefully this Monday is treating you well. As you may have noticed, I didn’t post much here or on my Instagram much last week, and to be honest, I was swamped with studying for a test I took today (and did pretty well on!). And, honestly, I wasn’t in a good mind space to be blogging. I was stressing over this test that contained twelve hours’ worth of lecture on the lungs and different pulmonary disorders and had my normal study and blogging time cut by having to do stuff for clinicals coming up that I really didn’t feel like doing anything other than watch Disney and laying in bed (which I couldn’t because I had to study – see where this is going?). On my blog, I’ve always been quality over quantity, so that’s what I did over the last week; I stepped back from blogging and bookstagramming and tried to focus on school and my well being.

Plus, back in January, I had all of my books lined up to review for this month and thought I had everything spaced out enough that I could handle with school. I mean, sure, I had planned a little ambitiously with the amount of books I wanted to read, but I felt confident in it working out. But towards the 20th I just got in a really bad reading slump (which I’m still kind of in) where it felt like I was only reading books to review and wasn’t able to read a book just to read it and nothing was holding my attention.

The past week and a half felt like there were so many deadlines for school and blogging things that it was so overwhelming that I didn’t have the want to do anything. One of the factors that I can really control is my blog/bookstagram, so as much as I hated it, I had to put it on the back burner, so I could work towards the bigger goal of graduating one day as a nurse.

With all of that being said, school is finally at a point where I can sit down and write something! It feels so good to just sit down and be able to talk!

I also just published a post with ALL of my reviews, so if you’re interesting in looking at them be sure to check it out!


I honestly don’t know if I finished anything last month… let me check goodreads right quick!

Ok, so I did finish two books!


Shockingly, I didn’t buy any books in February! I know! There were a couple of times where I bought some books because Book Outlet had a double points sale and a buy two get the third free sale and y’all, there were a crazy amount of books in my cart! I had bought some candles and bookmarks earlier in the month and decided that was enough money spent on bookish stuff!

My bookmarks are still in transit since they’re coming from the UK, but my candles have arrived! To see the first set click here!

My second order of candles came last week when I didn’t feel like posting anything, so this is the first time anyone has seen the other candles I bought!

Here’s the new set of candles!

Other Posts from February:



New Books:

Top Ten Tuesday:


How was your February? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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