Duty Bound Mini Review

Duty Bound (Angelbound Lincoln Book 1) by [Bauer, Christina]

*I received this story to read for a book tour for the third book!*

Duty Bound by Christina Bauer


“As the High Prince of the demon-fighting thrax, Lincoln knows he must marry for political gain. Not that he minds. For all of his eighteen years, Lincoln’s been bound to his duty. Then the prince glimpses Myla, a part-demon girl, and everything changes. What happens when a woman you’ve never met upends your life completely? Lincoln’s about to find out.”


4 Stars

If you like:

  • Demon Hunters
  • Complicated Relationships
  • Secret Missions
  • Male MC

Then this book is for you!

This story is roughly 20,000 words (which is about 115 pages give or take), so this is a great way to test the waters with the series without getting overly invested.

Lincoln, his family, and his court are currently residing in Purgatory and are trying to keep the demons down there at bay while they stay in this place. He’s a demon hunter who’s fast, quick thinking, and has been trained in every way to become the next ruler of his court.

“I wrap my fingers around the wooden handle.
So close.
That’s when Father clears his throat. My chest tightens.
No good conversation ever started with Father clearing his throat.”

He has spent his whole life being told by his parents that emotions are messy things, and it’s best for him as a future king to make a relationship that will be best for his people (aka make it a political move instead of one from the heart). His parents are obviously in love by the way that they interact and talk with each other to taking a trip every year for their anniversary.

Lincoln has grown up in with parents who aren’t afraid of a little PDA, yet he doesn’t really push the whole marrying for connections since he has never found a girl that makes his heart skip or beat… that is until he comes across a girl who fights demons. The only bad thing is that she’s part demon herself, and Lincoln knows that this will never be approved by his parents.

“With every passing day, my obsession with the mystery girl grows … And more of the color drains out of my world. I sigh.”

Plus to add on top of his feelings for someone that is out of reach, Lincoln is crafting a plan to take command of soldiers who are under rule of a man, Aldred, that is shady, slimy, and no fit to be the leader of people trying to rid the world of evil. Aldred is also has a daughter that he is trying to marry Lincoln to in order to gain more power.

In this fast paced story, Lincoln must outsmart a con-artist to keep more soldiers from going into death missions all while trying to get close to someone that is unobtainable by a prince!

“We all have gifts and deficits. The only thing we control is how hard we work.”

Happy reading until next time,

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