Lincoln Review

Lincoln (Angelbound Lincoln Book 2) by [Bauer, Christina]

*I received this story to read for a book tour for the third book!*


“When it comes to fighting, Prince Lincoln is the greatest demon killer in the history of his people, the thrax. Now Lincoln faces his hardest fight yet…and it’s not on a traditional battlefield.

The part-angel prince has fallen for a quasi-demon girl. Hard.

Trouble is, Lincoln’s people see anyone demonic as an enemy be hunted. Soon the girl who’s stolen Lincoln’s heart, a quasi-demon named Myla Lewis, becomes the number one target of Lincoln’s own warriors. It’s something the High Prince of the Thrax won’t stand for. At all.

No matter what, Lincoln will protect his Myla.”

Book One – Duty Bound

Book Two – Lincoln

Book Three – Trickster


4.5 Stars

If you like:

  • Fighting and Battles
  • Ghouls, Demons, and other Fun Creatures
  • An Unlikely Couple
  • Fierce Females
  • Villains that Makes You Want to Smoosh Them

Then this book is for you!

The is the second book to the Angelbound Series. I know that some people are hesitant to read second books in a series because it can be a hit or miss, but this story is EPIC. Not going to lie, but this is one of the best second books I’ve read in a while.

From the very beginning of this book, I was hooked. Christina wastes no time to put Lincoln in a dangerous situation in the first few chapters and show us just how far Lincoln’s feeling is for Myla (more on this in a moment).

Also, can I take a second to appreciate Walker? He’s Lincoln’s best friend who happens to be a ghoul. Walker is a man of few words and is always busy, yet he seems to have time to help Lincoln when urgent (except there seems to be more to Walker and Myla’s relationship then he lets on because he can’t tell Lincoln anything about her except that if Lincoln really cares about her he should keep his distance).

This story y’all makes my romantic heart so full. I love a good love story, so with this book having the person I can’t have and I have to stay away from her in order to save her just made me swoon.

In this book, we get to know both Lincoln and Myla a lot better (especially Myla since she was the mysterious girl for the most part in book one). Lincoln is more than just a prince who kills demons to keep his people safe. He’s always scheming and making plans to stay one step ahead of those trying to undermine the royal family and try to gain power (cough, cough Aldred). Myla is sassy and has a fire in her soul that calls out to Lincoln making it hard for him to say away from her even when it could put her in danger.

“Walker tilts his head. “Is that possible, Lincoln? If it comes to it, can you play the villain to keep her away?”

“I can and will.” Turning from Walker, I stare off into the empty Arena. Pain radiates through my chest, sharp as a blade driving though my rib cage, and I’d know the sensation. I’ve been stabbed no less than thirty-seven times. Even so, none of those cuts reached this level of agony.”

Lincoln puts on the act of a cold prince who thinks everyone is below him in order to make Myla think he’s a jerk in efforts to keep her away knowing that any signs of affection or interest towards her could cause a riot that would cost Myla her life… with Aldred leading it so it’s his daughter that would be the one to end up with Lincoln.

Lincoln does a pretty good job of keeping up this act, but there are moments where Myla looks at him or says something snarky or sarcastic that catches him off guard and almost makes him slip up, and despite his efforts, he falls harder for her if possible.

If that’s not bad enough, Lincoln has an immortal warlock that keeps sending his marble statue minions to get Lincoln to agree to hunt Myla.

In this unpredictable book, Lincoln has to decide how far he’s willing to go to keep Myla safe and if the chances of a relationship are even possible with people being so judgmental about her being part demon.

Happy reading until next time,

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