Fae Crate Unboxing: February 2020

Hi everyone! Happy pi day; yes, the math nerd in me just had to say it! Yesterday, my Fae Crate came, and my intentions was to have this posted, but I was so busy running errands and didn’t have the energy to post it last night!

The theme for this month is Classified!

Also, there was supposed to be a Harry Potter Charm Bracelet, but it was included, so the Fae Crate Team replaced it with another HP item! I think they said the bracelet will be included in a later box!

Top: Percy Jackson inspired Cups with lids and straws designed by Verge of Wisteria – plus the spoiler card says that they are color changing.
Bottom Left: Spoiler Card
Bottom Middle: This Savage Song 3D Character Card designed by Jokay
Bottom Right: Vampire Academy Polaroid designed by Kyri45 that says ‘ You are so beautiful it hurts me sometimes.’
Top Left: Worry Doll
Top Right: Phoenix Tears Hand Sanitizer
Left Middle: The Merciful Crow Caste Sorting Candle made by Fire Nation Creations
Middle: I think this is the Lip Balm Holder with a Cleaning Cloth (but I honestly have no idea)
Right Middle: Aurora Rising Lip Balm that says ‘My current situation could be adequatly described as suboptimal.’
Bottom Left: Warcross Notepad designed by Reading.Revelry
Bottom Right: ACOTAR Shirt of “Cauldron save you. Mother Hold you.”
Book of the Month: The Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes with a signed bookplate, button, author letter with the quote art, and character cards!
Full Unboxing!

Happy reading until next time,

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