Free Books on Amazon to Read While at Home

Hi everyone! Hope y’all are surviving this crazy health crisis! I’ve noticed… well yesterday in particular that there are some really nice authors who are in positions where they’re able to make there books free from a small period of time to help book lovers during this time where children are out of school or unable to go to work!

I thought I would share some of these books that are free on Amazon!

Please note that some of these books have been discounted for a limited time and that I do live in America, so other countries may not have the same pricing!

Also, I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to organize this list since this really is a spur of the moment thing for me. The thought is to put the known limited time books at the top of the list then *try* to do it by genre. Most of these books will probably be YA, and I’ll try to add more books later!

I also have other recommendations of my page if you’d like to find some other books!

Colleen Hoover:

YA Fantasy:

Laura Thalassa

Michelle Areaux

Wendy Higgins

Honor Raconteur

Heather McKenzie

Sherry D. Ficklin

Claire Farrell

YA Retellings:

Alicia Michaels

Yesenia Vargas

YA Dystopian:

Christine Manazari

K.M. Robinson

Kaitlyn Davis:

YA Contemporary

Katrina Marie

Adult Fantasy:

Adult Contemporary:

S.E. Roberts

Dee Lagasse

Books I have Absolutely Know Idea How to Categorize:

Nora Sakavic

Reverse Harem:

Leigh Kelsey

Elle Cross

Bea Paige

Nikki Bolvair:

Mila Young

C.M. Stunich

Other Free RH books Via Book Funnel:

If you know of other books that are free, feel free to link them in the comments!

I hope this helps some of y’all! Sending love and positive vibes to all of y’all!

Happy reading until next time,

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