Book Box and Bookish Subscription Recs

Hi everyone! I have some more book box recs along with some bookish subscription recs (like candle shops and other shops that have bookish merch without sending a book).

Part One includes the following shops: OwlCrate, Fae Crate, LitJoy Crate, and Luminary Box

Part Two: FairyLoot, Once Upon a Book Club, Illumicrate, and Unplugged

Before I get into today’s subscriptions, I would like to say that I’m not a rep for any of these companies, but some of these boxes have referral like customized to subscribes which I have included mine in the shops name. I believe that the referral link will give you a discount if you are a new subscriber and if I get some many people to subscribe, I’m able to get a free box (which would be amazing). There are also rep/discount codes available for some of these shops on Instagram.

[Update]: I am now an influencer for Beacon Book Box and you can use my code LAUREN5 to save on your purchase!

Book Boxes:

The Bookish Box

The Bookish Box is a US based company that has a wide variety of bookish items from enamel pins, bookmarks, signed books (from their past boxes), art/quote/character art, personal care items, tshirts (that come in the standard style, slouchy, v-neck), hoodies, and other clothing, and more located in The Bookish Shop!

The Bookish Box come in a variety of options that you can choose from when you select how much you want to get! They also have an adult option in addition to their YA box!


  • YA Book, Shirt, and Goodies: Includes Shirt, goodies, and YA Book
  • YA Book and Goodies: Includes Goodies and YA Book
  • YA Book and Shirt: Includes YA Book and Shirt
  • Adult Book, Shirt, and Goodies: Includes Adult book, shirt, and goodies.
  • Adult Book and Goodies: Includes adult book and goodies.

Cost: price are the same for YA and Adult expect for those noted

  • Book, shirt, and goodies: $43.00 + shipping
  • Book and goodies: $28.00 + shipping (adult is $29)
  • Book only $17.99 + shipping (adult is $16.99)

Special Edition Boxes:

They also have special edition boxes (on The Bookish Shop)! Prices and the items (and amount) vary on that particular box.

Items Included:

  • 3-5 home, beauty and fashion items- they differ between the YA & Adult Boxes.
  • Subscriber Add-ons
    • Can include bookmarks, special dust jackets/sets, etc.

Shipping Date: around the 14th of the month

Reoccurring Billing: on the 20th

Additional Info: All shirts can be upgraded to other styles, such as cardigans, v-necks, hoodies, ect. Check out our shop to order upgrades- must be ordered by the 20th of the month for the following month’s box.

My thought: I haven’t bought anything from The Bookish Box/ shop in a while, but I’ve purchased (aka subscribed) for the April box because it’s going to have Crave as the BOTM (not a spoiler) and I bought the special box they had for The Darkest Star a while back and I’m waiting for my CoG box to come!

Book Ship

A US based book box for adults who love YA!


  • A New YA Book
  • A playlist to go along with the book (located on the spoiler card I believe)
  • Plus other bookish items (the website doesn’t elaborate on the amount or other things but it says “Your box will contain bookish products, items, and treats exclusively selected to please adults who need more time to read, relax, and revive.”


  • One Month: $39.99 + shipping
  • Three Months Prepay: $109.99 + shipping
  • Six Months Prepay: $199.98

Recurring Billing: on the 21st

Shipping Date: mid-month

My thought: honestly, I haven’t heard much about this box (which I feel like is saying something considering how I’m everywhere in the online book world). I’ve see unboxing some unboxing for a booktuber I watch and the stuff in it always looks cool. The only downside I see is that it’s website isn’t very up to date with its past box details which seems a little odd to me.

Beacon Book Box

US based box. I’m also entering in their rep search any type of support would be hugely appreciated!

You can use my code LAUREN5 to save!

Full Crate Items:

  • A new signed YA book with an author letter
  • Bi-monthly booksleeve
  • 3-5 other items

Book Only Option

Items Only Option

Cost: *** please note that the prices listed below are for US/Domestic customers AND the prices also include shipping. For those outside of the US, the INTL prices can be found on their page! ***

Full Box:

  • One Month: $39.99
  • Three Month Prepay: $115.99
  • Six Months Prepay: $226.99
  • One Year Prepay: $446.99

Book Only:

  • One Month: $22.99
  • Three Month Prepay: $67.99
  • Six Months Prepay: $133.99
  • One Year Prepay: $263.99

Items Only:

  • One Month: $26.99
  • Three Month Prepay: $79.99
  • Six Months Prepay: $157.93
  • One Year Prepay: $310.99

All subscriptions renew on the 28th

Shipping: boxes are put together between the 11th-15th and shipped by the 15th

My thought: I subscribed to Beacon from the later part of last year until March of this year (when they update their site and the subscriptions didn’t transfer over). I enjoyed their boxes! They work with a lot of smaller shops which is great to see and have had some lesser known authors for their BOTM.

Bookish Item Subscriptions:

I’m going to go ahead and share my thoughts on the following company here! I’ve purchased/have items from the following shops below either from book boxes or buying a couple of things! Honestly, I’ve seen very little to no photos about the boxes that the shops have so I can’t tell you how satisfied people are, but based on the items that the company is known for are pretty amazing. I just don’t know about the box itself.

Fabled Merch (Wick and Fable)

A US based candle and merch store!

Deluxe Box

  • Two 4 oz. Glass Jar Candle
  • Two 2 oz. Glass Jar Candle
  • Monthly Collectible Pin
  • 8+ High Quality Exclusive Bookish Merch
  • Custom Box Every Month


  • Two 2 oz. Glass Jar Candle
  • Monthly Collectible Pin
  • 4+ High Quality Exclusive Bookish Merch
  • Custom Box Every Month

Enamel pin

  • One enamel pin designed on the fandom of the month


  • Deluxe Box: $45 + shipping
  • Essentials Box: $25 + shipping
  • Enamel Pin: $13 (free worldwide shipping according to their website)


  • Boxes ship around the end of the month
  • Enamel Pin ships around the 15-20th

Purchasing: It’s to my knowledge that you have to manually purchase each month’s box (it’s not a true ‘subscription’ that has a reoccurring date each month).

Novelly Yours

US small candle business. I love Novelly Yours’ candles! Then come in an array of sizes, types, colors, and scents and are soy based!

Monthly Box:

Items include:

  • One 9oz jar
  • Two 4oz jars
  • Two 2oz jars
  • One 5×7″ print featuring a Novelly Yours design
  • One bookmark
  • One enamel pin
  • 4-5 other bookish items (some spoilers TBA!) like magnets, woodmarks, stickers, lip balms, etc!

Cost: $35 + shipping

Shipping Date: I couldn’t find a definite answer due to the Corona virus. I know that March and April 2020 boxes’ are delayed slightly.

Purchasing: It’s to my knowledge that you have to manually purchase each month’s box (it’s not a true ‘subscription’ that has a reoccurring date each month).

Flick the Wick


・One exclusive 4oz glass jar candle
・One exclusive 4oz black tin candle
・One exclusive 2oz glass jar candle
・Custom box
・5-6 other items

Cost: $35 + shipping

Shipping Date: The end of the month

Dreamy and Co. (bookmarks)

•1 Enamel Pin
•1 Double-sided Sturdy Bookmark
•1 Double-sided Wooden Bookmark
•4 other items


  • $20 + Shipping

Shipping Date: at the end of the month

What are some of your favorite book related subscriptions? What are some that you’d like to see in the next bookish crate rec post? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

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