March Wrap-Up and Book Haul

Hi everyone! So, March was a… well let’s just say it was an interesting month to say the least not just for me, but I’d say for the whole world. I’ve been out of school for over two weeks now and let me tell you, as a student, it’s difficult because we aren’t allowed to go to the hospital for clinicals, and I’m not looking forward to having to do this stuff online. At this point, we don’t know if we’re going to have summer classes because this stuff could last longer than me school thinks it is… ANYWAY, back to my March reading and stuff.

Like many of y’all out there reading this post, I thought I was going to get A LOT of reading done during this quarantine. When between my boredom, worrying about school, and 50 thousand other things, I really didn’t (and still kind of right now) feel like reading. I really think that if I didn’t have school to worry about and have almost and assignment a day due, I would be a lot more motivated to read, but it is what it is.

Also, I reached over 1000 followers on Instagram which is absolutely mind boggling and get an average of about 250-300 like per photo?!  I know mind blown *insert the little emoji*. 


I finished 6 books, which I feel like is a good number given everything that has been happening. All of which I happened to review and a few of them even have playlists with them *queue confetti*. Out of my year and however many months, I’ve never done this before so that’s something!


So, I bought a couple of books this month… nothing to crazy because I didn’t buy any from Book Outlet (although they had a couple of sales and promotions that ALMOST made me cave and buy $35 + in books). But I bought some books from target because I had to preorder 5SOS’ new album and of course had to get a couple of books so I could get free shipping. Then I bought some books on amazon one night at 11 right before I went to bed *hahaha*. Do I feel bad about buying these books? Nope. Should I have bought them? Well… that depends on who you ask considering that massive quantity of unread books in my room. Anyway, onto the books I got!

  • Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman
  • Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
  • The Upside of Falling by Alex Light
  • Tainted Romance by Simone Elise
  • Hunted by Mila Young
  • Draco by Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke

As you can see, I got quite an array of books. The majority of them are contemporary, and I also got a few RH books because YOLO (and I haven’t bought any of those in a while)

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Happy reading until next time,

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