How to Shorten (and avoid) a Reading Slump

Hi everyone! The other day I made a poll on twitter asking which post y’all would like to see first and so for the majority has voted for how to reduce/avoid/get out of a reading slump!

So, what is a reading slump? There’s no exact definition because everyone kind of has their own thoughts of what a reading slump consists of, but in a nutshell, it’s where books can’t hold your attention, or you don’t feel like reading. As a reader, it’s one of the worst things because most of the time you want to read but nothing holds your attention and you just end up holding a book open rereading the same sentence of how “I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding” and end up hating the character because that’s all you associate with them when in reality they’re one of the most well written characters.

Without further ado, let’s get into the tips.

  • Do something other than reading: I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes it’s best to put reading down for a short time and let your mind focus on something else. If you’re like me, then you probably focusing on the negatives about why you’re not reading and you’re thinking about how you’re never going to finish a book, so just WALK AWAY. Put the book down and do something else.
  • Read something that’s outside of your favorite genre: Right now, a lot of people are loving fantasy, and fantasy seems like the genre that is really selling right now but try a book that isn’t your normal go to genre. You might shock yourself and realize that this genre that you’ve been neglecting is something that you enjoy, and you might actually read it every so often.
  • Reread your favorite book or scenes: Sometimes you need to go back to something that you love and is familiar. There’s something so soothing about going though a handful of books and reading scenes that gives you the feels and help you get back into reading without feeling overwhelmed about learning characters or settings or the system of how the magic works.
  • Try to read that book that you’ve been putting off: this is another one that sounds crazy but give that book that you haven’t heard anything about or the one that you started and never finished another chance. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I picked up a book that I have put down 30 pages in and actually fell in love with it.
  • Read a different format of a book: whether you read ebooks, audiobooks, or a physical book, sometimes it’s refreshing to read a book in a format that is different from the one that you’re used to. If you’ve never listened to an audiobook, I recommend that you give it a shot because you might enjoy listening to someone read.
  • Try reading in a different place: although you may have a place that have blankets, pillows, and the perfect reading light, try a change of scenery. You’d be surprised as to how changing something as simple as where you read will change the amount you read.
  • Don’t make reading a job: many of us read and review books as a serious hobby (borderline job at times) but remember that you’re doing this for fun and to share your thoughts with other book lovers. Don’t overstretch yourself by lining up signing up for so many book reviews in one month because although your calendar looks nearly empty now, life happens and you find yourself reading book after book with little time to catch your breath and enjoy what you’re reading because you’re working against the clock.
  • Don’t focus on the number: don’t feel like you have to read just because you want to complete your Goodreads challenge. I’d much rather read books at my pace, enjoy them, and not finish my goal, then fly through books just to reach a number.
  • Make a tbr jar: this is a fun way of ‘letting fate’ decide what you read. You are able to decide what book titles you want in the jar, then let the world decide what to read next. You can decorate the jar any you way you want and get creative with how you fold the paper and personalize it to your liking.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you don’t like a book right away: I’m a big believer that each book has its time to be read. Sometime it’s not meant for us to read a book, while other times a book happens to appear to us when we need it the most. Every book we read has the power to change or teach us, we just have to be open to it, and I feel like sometimes people get so caught up in wanting to be ‘in the moment’ and read what’s popular without any interest in it instead of reading that book that your heart is telling you to read.
  • Write: sometimes when you don’t know what to read, you can write out your own story with the elements that you want to read about! It’s also a fun hobby to sit down when you have free time and explore the other half of the reading/writing coin. Recently, I’ve started writing again and found out that it’s something that I enjoy and missed! You might surprise you’re self in how much fun it is!
  • Don’t feel like you have to read a book cover to cover: I’m one of those people who feel like they have to do this because not only did I spend money on this book but it feels ‘wrong’ to leave a book unread.
  • Read something on Wattpad: sometimes you just need to finish a story in order to clear your mind of this reading slump. Wattpad is a great place to find stories about things that you enjoy, and you’re also helping a person who loves to write and trying to get their thoughts into the world.

I hope this helps y’all!

Happy reading until next time,


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