Something Unusual Mini Review

*I received an ecopy of this story to review*

Something Unusual: An Of Vampires & Witches Prequel by [Kit Winters]

Something Unusual by Kit Winters


“Cilla D’Ponte attracts trouble. Mathias Smith defines it.

Considered the black sheep of her family, Cilla left her coven behind in favor of an entirely different world: college. However, there’s more in the mortal realm than she suspected, and when a stranger uses dark magic to steal her friends, she’ll face anything to get them back.

Being a blood-sucking parasite himself, Mathias knows those “friends” aren’t good for her; what he doesn’t know is why he cares. From the second he witnessed her exploding cinnamon buns, Cilla’s mystery had wrapped itself around his mind. No matter how he tries, he can’t seem to untangle her from his thoughts.

Whether their meeting is destiny or fate has yet to be determined. All we know is the start of something big often comes in little packages…”


4.5 Stars

This is the fun short story prequel to Kit Winter’s upcoming book.

Something Unusual is only like 78ish pages, so I can’t talk about a whole lot without spilling all the tea, but I really enjoyed it! So when I say this is a mini review, I mean it’s kinda small.

The story follows Cilla who is an awkward young witch going to college. She’s never really fit in with her own people, but she’s looking to make the most while at college. She has a large heart. She’s always looking to help her friends whether it’s to study or bake for them (although Cilla being in the kitchen can be a hot mess sometimes). Despite her being small, she can stand up against most anything if provoked, even if it’s a vampire.

Then there’s Mathias (said vampire) who keeps to himself and is honestly kind of broody. He comes across Cilla one day when a baking project backfires and is drawn to those young lady who’s an enigma to him. Despite telling himself that he will cut all ties with her after their first few encounters, there’s always a reason to see her again.

They are drawn to each other despite Mathias wanting to forget all about Cilla, but Cilla being Cilla has this magical way about her that keeps drawing him back.

Something Unusual is a quick read filled with cute moments, sarcastic banter, and the beginning of something new!

Happy reading until next time,

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