Things I’d Have at My Reading Party: Top Ten Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today’s TTT is Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party and honestly, this week’s prompt sounds like so much fun because I get to plan out a reading party!

I recently posted April’s OC unboxing, March and April LitJoy unboxing, and The Best Mistake Review!

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

Other Prompts for May:

  • Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party
  • The Last Ten Books I Abandoned
  • Reasons Why I Love [insert your favorite book title, genre, author, etc. here]
  • Opening Lines

Time: Saturday sometime around 10 in the morning so we have plenty of time to read and party and eat

Where: My house

What to Wear: Something comfortable (pajamas are highly encouraged)

What Should You Bring: Your book (duh) and some bookish food!

Things I’d Have at the “Party”:

Food: I’d have everything from the normal snacks while reading from chips, pretzels, candy, popcorn, and a couple of other popable foods to eat while reading. Then, I’d have the really fun stuff like strawberry and lemon tarts, Lara Jean worthy cupcakes, butterbeer, cheese straws in lei of grilled cheese sandwiches, and lots of cookies decorated like books and with quotes!

Comfy Seating: How can you properly read without something to get comfy on? There would be a futon, bean bags, those oversized pillow chair things, and a couple of those bungee cord chairs. There will also be plenty of pillows and bookish blankets to maximize full comfort to have the perfect setting to get lost in your book!

Tissues: There will be a lot of boxes of tissues throughout the room incase you start laughing to the point of tears, you hit that point of a really intense scene, or heaven forbid your favorite character dies. Do worry, if the last happens, at least you’ll be around other book lovers who knows what your going through instead of random people who judge you because a book made you cry.

Music: there will be music on standby for when we take breaks in reading and want to dance. I’ll have to have my headphones and ipod for when I read since I prefer reading with music.

Bookstagram Station: Yes!!! I’ll have a place with different props and stuff for you to take photos for your bookstagram or just to remember the occasion! I’d have candles, prints, bookmarks, lights, and maybe some flower basically a little of bit of everything for any account!

Books: Yes, I would let my reading party goers read/borrow some of my books. I know sometimes you can lose interest in a book at the worst time and just want to start another book, so I won’t leave you without a book while everyone else is reading. Of course, I’d have certain books off limits like the ones that are personalized or special edition ones. Other than that, as long as the book isn’t damaged or annotated you can borrow it!

Bookish Movies: If there’s anyone who wants to turn this into an impromptu sleep over, we’ll watch book to movies throughout the night until we fall asleep on the floor and over the furniture!

A Computer: this is for those book lovers who are reviewers and have to write/publish their thoughts right after reading the book! I know there are people who have certain steps of things to do after reading a book, so I’d try to help in any way possible!

Lights: this is another duh thing, but I’d have plenty of lamps and things to provide light so we don’t strain our eyes trying to read in less than adequate lighting!

Games: bring on the board games from monopoly (bonus points if anyone has a bookish version) to cards against humanity to some throwback games because even book lovers need a break from reading!

What are some things you’d have at your bookish party? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

20 thoughts on “Things I’d Have at My Reading Party: Top Ten Tuesday

  1. If it’s a lockdown bookish party you definitely need tissues and hand sanitizer! But no sneezing over the books 😁 The advice to sing Happy Birthday twice to ensure you’re washing your hands for the right length of time should come in handy too.

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