Books I’ve DNFed and Recently Put Down: TTT

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! Are you one to DNF books? I don’t like to DNF books because it feel so final once you put a book in that category because in my mind it means that I’m never going to read that book again. Instead I like to label them as ‘I’m going to get back to it sometime in the future but don’t know when’. Because once it has the label of DNF there’s always that thought in the back of my head saying that I didn’t like it then, why would I like it now and ruin any chances of me enjoying the book.

This week for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl), it’s about the books that didn’t hold out interest and were either DNFed or put down.

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Plus you can check out my newest post The Quick Fire Fantasy Tag and Bookish Baking Tag! I also want to thank everyone who commented last week! I’m sorry that I wan’t able to say much back/respond because I was studying for my final, but I wanted to thank y’all for taking a few moments to talk to me about my bookish party and it warms my heart! I’m done with class for right now, so I’ll have more time this week to talk!

I’m going to do of mix of books that I actually DNFed and those that I put down and hoping to read one day.

DNF Books

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I got about ¾ of the way through this book and had to put it down because it was killing me. I had actually put the book down about the half way mark and picked it back up with the intention of finishing it but I JUST COULDN’T. I must have been doing some major skimming in the 2nd book because Beautiful Chaos felt like it was all over the place. I liked the first book but felt like it lasted forever (and not in the good way) and each book following just kept opening up more plots and had some much things that made me feel like I was reading it at a snail’s pace.

My First Love and Other Disasters by Francine Pascal

So this was a bind-up book with books one and two in it. I had finished it and can’t tell you a single thing about it. I know it was another one of those stories that was difficult to read because it took so long to read, and by the time it came for me to start the second book, I just had to stop reading it because I couldn’t take anymore of this book. I think part of the reason is because the MC is so young and it felt whinny.

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tair

Y’all I really wasn’t feeling this book because we now had Helene’s POV, and I didn’t like her that much, so I dreaded the moments when her chapters came up. Plus it had been a year since I had read AEITA, and the world of this story didn’t have the same light with that much time passing.

Books that are on Hiatus

Control Freakz by Michael Evans

I had been contacted by the author last year to read his dystopian book, and I had agreed because the synopsis had sounded really interesting. But, somewhere around the middle of the book I’ve lost interest in it. I’m hoping that some time away from it will renew my interest in it because it was like The Darkest Minds meets The Program and had a strong beginning.

The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain

I had started this book at a bad time because I had several books to review and never picked it back up. This story follows the prince of the underworld trying to prove his worth by getting this girl to return with him to save his people. It sound really interesting and has mythology in it (I think), so I’m hoping that one day soon I can finish it because it also has the whole forbidden romance undertones.

Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi

Like The Shadow Prince, I got busy reading review books and had to shift my focus. I had picked this book up like a week before the release of Imagine Me since the last book was so close to hitting shelves and I wouldn’t have to wait to long to read it. Well… I had also gotten to the point where I started to randomly flip through pages and read paragraphs (because tbh I wanted to see if Juliette and Warner made up because #shipit) and ended up spoiling myself… but I do want to find out want happens between page 70 and to where I had gotten to when flipping.

Books I Put Down and Eventually Finished

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Don’t ask me where I had put down this book and picked it back up. The end of The Darkest Minds had tore me apart. I was a crying mess because of what Ruby did to Liam. The whole series to me was one that had me reading at a pace slower than I would like put I pushed through. The second book had that feel like New Moon where Edward is away and time just slips away from Bella because Ruby was off doing her own thing even though she wanted to be with Liam and Liam was off then there was Chubs and Zu own their own and everyone was in different places and I couldn’t take it!

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

It took me MONTHS to read this book! I had gotten this book in the OC box back in the day and was so hyped about it since I had finished ACOTAR series a couple of months prior and was all about fae. But these fae and those fae are completely different and there was so much I hate you but also want to kiss you that I was like gag. Can’t y’all make up your mind???

Glass Sword by Vitoria Aveyard

So I flew through Red Queen because I was so captivated by the world and the powers, but by the time the second book had come out, I had lost interest in the series and was just reading in in hopes of one day having finished reading the series (back when I ha to read the whole series in order to feel like I did something). I had read this book on and off for like a half of a year before I actually finished it. I think the main problem was Cal since I didn’t like his character in the first book then he plays such a big part in the book… It made it hard to read.

What are some books you DNF or put down? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

17 thoughts on “Books I’ve DNFed and Recently Put Down: TTT

  1. I don’t DNF a lot of books. I initially put down Las Marcas de la Muerte (Carve the Mark in Spanish) because it was really difficult for me. I did finish it after I read the English version a second time. I still haven’t finished Дивергент (Divergent in Russian) because it’s so difficult. I’ve read it in English a million times though.

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  2. I try not to DNF books and haven’t DNFed one this year. So sad to hear about Torch! I love that series, and I find Helene more compelling as the series progressed.

    I’m in the middle of re-reading DEFY ME because of the release of IMAGINE ME. I hope the series finale is good!

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  3. I totally get what you mean about Never Fade – the first time I read the series I kinda flew through it because I just wanted Ruby & Liam to be together again, but when I tried to re-read the series, I couldn’t make it through Never Fade again 😢 I totally get what you mean about the New Moon vibes, although to be fair Ruby isn’t nearly half as mopey as Bella Swan 😂

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